EMSL raised the price of lab services

While there are other laboratories lowering the price for Mold Analysis EMSL is sticking it to us for 2017. They went from $25.00 to $27.45 for each lab analyses. While we struggle with higher expenses (License, Insurance, higher cost of material +…) and less customers. Now comes EMSL with the knife… Oh, and I did not even know about the price increase…

I will be looking for another lab… Who knows about another lab that can do a good job at a reasonable price per sample??



Affordable Mold Testing
Unlimited number of samples analyzed.
Ask for bulk rate pricing.

ps>> Jaime has become a millionaire many times over from those stupid things!
I’ve been in his Bentley. You should see his house, there’s no mold. :mrgreen:

Daane labs in Naples.