End of Warranty Inspections

This is my first post on the Canadian Forum, I am just up and running , based in Vancouver BC. Hoping to tap into your collective experience.
Are any of you guys out there doing end of warranty Inspections?
If so may I ask a few questions,
What is the usual period of Warranty?
How do you find what sub-divisions are nearing end of warranty?
Would you charge the same as a normal Inspection, I am assuming a newer home may take less time?
Is it an area that generates much Interest?

I look forward to some pointers, thanks in advance


First depends when the house becomes “owned” or the take-over date of the “purchaser” of the new home.

Second those dates will likely vary based on above.

Next depends on the provincial “warranty” plan. I suggest that you reserach the one that applies to your province. Examples




There may be certain provisions an inspection must comply/meet before they can enter on the property or be given permission to conduct the initial 'pre-delivery" inspection. Certainly once the home is rightfully owned and titled the owner provides that point of contact for conducting the inspection.

Are the builders required by law to provide a warranty on the home for a certain amount of time in Canada after the home has closed escrow?


Yes builders are required in Ontario to Register with the Ontario New Home Warranty Program aka Tarion. However if you build your own home and occupy it then it is outside the Tarion program. So it is possible to buy a new home from the builder/owner and not be part of the Tarion warranty program.


I do not know of any “national” plan, however you would be best to check those applicable to your jurisdiction in B.C.

In addition there are exceptions to the rule - such as me building my own home, living in it a year and than selling. Hence no warranty plan.

Thanks very much for input, I’ll follow up on information and see what happens.

So Paul how is it going now?:mrgreen: