Complaints about the home you bought?

[size=2]36 minutes long worth a listen … Roy

Complaints about the home you bought?
Clumbing foundations; mould in a three-month-old home; toilets that won’t flush.
Those are some of surprises callers learned about *after *they closed on their new home.
Lawyer **James Morton **tells us who is liable and whether the home owner might have a case.


Sounds to me like the new Home Builder has more protection the we as Used Home Inspectors have .
I also think the home purchaser is not listening and following up with what was said and is in the report .
This is a great lesson for us as Home Inspectors to do a proper job and write it all up … Roy … Going to court and you have lost .

Roy it depends where. I know of some jurisdictions (that I’ll not mention) where the so-called “new home warranty” is offered by a home builder cartel. So the customer isn’t always right and in fact has to just about reinvent the wheel to get somewhere about a significant claim.


The following comments are based on my observations of how the warranty plan works in Alberta.
Home warranty is not compulsory yet but they are lobbying the government to make it so.
Your only protection if you buy new from a builder that is using a warranty plan is to have the house inspected before you agree to the COP (certificate of Possession). The warranty will insure that the listed defects will be fixed if reported before the COP but will not deal with defects that existed and not reported before the COP.
It seems that the warranty will only deal with defects that developed after the COP was issued.
Once again it is buyer beware.
I’ve done two home inspections before the COP.
The builder was ordered to buy the home back at the current assessed value and the other buyer got a $30,000.00 hold back until the builder fixed the defects.
All other New homes that I inspected after the COP did not get satisfaction from the builder because the Warranty did not cover the defects that existed before the COP.
Some of these defects were Building code violations.