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I am a registered professional engineer with 15 years of engineering and construction experience and am thinking about getting in the home inspection business. Does anyone know if extra E&O insurance is required due to my engineering license? Also, I would appreciate any suggestions on the best way to start in the field

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The way I see it, it is in your best interest to have E&O insurance.

I know one thing, anyone can sue anyone for anything.

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Gregg … I am a PE also and I can tell you that as such you are expected to know better on a lot of things. So you have to be careful with your agreements, inspections, and reports.

I think E&O insurance is a personal risk assessment, unless it is required by state laws. Talk to other PE/HI's in your area, as well as an attorney and some insurance companies. Look at the sample policy fine print too ... doesn't cover much when you really look at it. You have to balance the risk of not having E&O against the costs, and the possibility that having E&O may actually increase your risk of a lawsuit. Not an easy decision.

I would also highly recommend a home inspection training course (say 40 to 60 hrs), even if you are exempt from these requirements by state law and don't think you really need it. You have to switch gears from knowing a lot about a limited area, to knowing the basics about almost everything. Like switching from being a bone specialist to a family doctor. Home inspectors are general practitioners. A lot of local community colleges offer excellent continuing education HI programs.

And join a home inspection organization, like NACHI ... a really good value ... icon_wink.gif

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