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I see no problem with the school. Why would there be a problem? Some people learn differently. I am more of a hands on learner and not really a read a book kind of guy. I prefer formal school/practical exercises to increase my knowledge base.

Maybe some are the same. What is wrong with it? NADA, from a school aspect its a money maker and 1/2! With 90% of people failing before 3 years, think of the turn around of people? Brilliant idea…make it affordable, make it with HUGE numbers like a 1000 people on a webinar and go from there.

Why are you people afraid of a person entering the profession from taking your business? Know why, its because you have not gotten a strong hold on your business and others are changing, diversifying and evolving and many choose to stay the same. If you’re worried about a person who enters the field with zero experience to take your business then you essentially really have NO BUSINESS…Times are changing, deal with it, change or go broke…the choice is yours.

I have my angle on it and it will work, I think. But I will keep that in my lil noggin for now…


Those are 10 very good reasons for choosing to become a Home Inspector, in my opinion!

If I may ask, who is the wise one from which you copied the above comment?


Did all the members get these, as I admit to not reading it closely yet.

And Why not?

We at NACHI are not against change & progress!
Yyou know!
Maybe I should look into this for NACHI in Quebec and we should do the same for other provinces and territories.


Why Home Inspections As A Business? $$$

Did you ever consider becoming a Home Inspector?

Inspect4u (Canada) offers this unique opportunity in education with hands on training for a career in Home Inspections.

10 Reasons Why Home Inspections Is An Ideal Home Based Business/Career Change.

  1. No franchise fees (with our courses)
  2. Minimal startup costs
  3. Run as a part-time or full time business
  4. Unlimited income potential and expansion
  5. Growing demand for Home Inspectors
  6. Immediate cash flow benefits/onsite payment
  7. Flexibility-set your own hours
  8. Short term start up training
  9. Very low overhead
    10.Very exciting and lucrative career

There has never been such a strong demand for Home Inspectors. Nearly 90% of all Real Estate transactions request a Home Inspection. It’s a very rewarding career with the average Home Inspection running @ a current $325.00 + per home, taking into consideration that an inspections is completed within a 3 hr time frame.

If you do chose this career as a profession, you can set your own time schedule and reap the full financial rewards of your labour. Provide your clients with good service they will repay your efforts time and time again referring you to others.

Home Inspectors can make a substantial living performing Home Inspections. On the average two Home Inspections could be properly performed per day. You can run this business even part-time easily, in the evenings and weekends performing as little as 3 inspections a week. See how easily this part-time income can replace your full time one.

When you warn a client about a serious housing defect that can be costly in the long term “you become their best friend for life” you equally feel satisfied when you have educated your clients about their home they are purchasing and therefore are able to make an informed decision.

“Being In Business For Yourself, Not By Yourself”

One of the best comments recently follows “Comments???”

…No further comments necessary!!!

From their side of the equation…not a thing…it’s just a natural progression, isn’t it.

BTW…if it does work well here, since it may be already bloated at all levels…there are 58 other exotic countries without HI regulation… we can entice newbie instuctors into out classes with the promise that they can get work there!!!

Not at all…I still have an unanswered question from the post you repsonded to with the above:

“what other “certified” field has the 90% failure rate of new (HI)practitioners?”

Gee can you show the facts where there is 90% failure or are you just posting what you have read elswhere.
You usually have facts but lately you seem to not be able to supply information.

If you mean failure rate in first year, it’s not 90%. It’s only about 40% for non-members and 28% for members, which is still high. But most of that has to do with their lack of business skills, not inspection training.

I think the 90% turnover rate is at the 3 year mark. Isn’t it?

I have read this on these boards many times and I can probably find where you claimed this number also!!

No, I meant longterm business success…at 2-3 years in this business they are still newbies!

BTW, I see that 4 NS “HI’s” (~25%) dropped off the members list in the last 1/2 year or so…and we’re still in a fairly good RE market!!

Can you say “Merry-go-round”?

Too simple read the post above… save you looking… Roy

Brian you are a Man of infant knowledge should be able to answre his own question ./

There you go…it’s all over these boards and you have the gall to question me…just because I asked…Getting much SADDER!!!

Can’t remember your own actions?

Inspectors are much like NFL running backs in that we don’t have long careers on average. Three years experience is NOT a newbie by any stretch, simply because after 3 years, you just aren’t going to be surprised on a daily basis any longer. There are only so many components and systems to a home, and a 3-year veteran simply isn’t going to come across never-seen-before issues that often. Most of your new experience will come in your first year. It’s parabolic at first, and then levels off. Furthermore, I’m starting to get some data that shows that the experience a 10-year veteran has is offset by his boredom and thus complacency. It’s certainly evident with regard to SOP compliance. Insurance claims show that when an inspector makes a mistake due to lack of knowledge, he’s likely new, but when he makes a mistake due to complacency (knew what to do but didn’t), he’s likely a veteran.

Do have any comprehensive data on these…George Luck seems to believe that doesn’t happen!!!


I tend to agree with you.

Brian, you are wrong again. CMI, like InterNACHI, was asked by BC to apply, but refused. We’re not going to agree to handle consumer complaints, which was a requirement. CMI has no staff, is not a trade association, and is certainly not a consumer affairs agency.

Licensing is 180 degrees opposite of CMI. Being licensed is like being up to code, if you did anything less it would be outright illegal (very minimal). CMI is on the other end of the spectrum and is the inspection industry’s highest professional designation.

Raymond, why aren’t you a CMI? I hear that Nick will finance you…seems like he now owes you something!! Or are you still beholding to him now that you’re back on board??