EPA, RESNET, InterNACHI update. EPA puts out press release regarding InterNACHI.


Good work Nick, I’ll help if needed, just ask.

Congrats Nick.

Thats definately a road I’d like to follow…:smiley:

We’re getting all up in it, and I’ll tell you why. Energy auditors can’t make a living at it. Not enough work. However, like all our other ancillary services, it is a perfect “add-on” for us. It is perfect for InterNACHI members.

Therefore, on August 12th we withdrew our formal oversight organization application from the EPA and instead are applying to become an approved training provider.

Why not do both?

RESNET already does their thing well, no sense in reinventing the wheel. First and foremost, InterNACHI members need and want training. Besides, the training doesn’t necessarily have to be used for purely Energy Star energy rating. Plenty of hybrid work in between that members can gobble up and we are already leading every organization in IR.

Most people want an energy audit to save money on their utility bills.
The market for an energy star rating on NEW construction energy
audits is actually a very small segment of the market.

Correct John.

Good positioning


Especially in this market

Good call Nick.

Hello Nick i am very excited about this training opportunity and I am wondering if there is a training course that is nearing completion. sounds like a great opportunity. Thank you.

Just wondering any updated news on RESNET training?