RESNET Energy Auditors Needed for Executive Committee

We need volunteers for an Executive Committee that is being formed at InterNACHI.

Those volunteers must be RESNET certified energy auditors.

The titles, duties and responsibilities of the Chairs are not yet formalized. Initially it may include providing advice on energy audit issues like training and ethics in relation to energy auditor accreditation.

Sounds like a very good idea. I may throw my hat in the ring. I guess that will be determined by how much time one needs to put in it.


Right now, we’re just gathering a team. Then we’ll play.
Count you in?

Ben, why only Resnet certified?

What do you have in mind?

I am BPI certified and was wondering why you are only accepting Resnet auditors?
Did I miss something?

Would you like to be in the Committee?

I’ll play :smiley:


Please email me your contact info: name, company, address, phone, email, website to

We won’t be doing anything for at least one month from today.

If my plans work out well, we’ll have a big announcement in about a month.

Anyone else want to be on a Committee of Energy Auditors?

I may Ben, I’ll send you my contact info.
Thanks, Pete

I’d ask the same question. I’m working on BPI after deciding that RESNET provided no advantage (as well as being willing to take your money with no assurance you’ll be able to be certified evenb if you meet the requirements)

got it pete
you’re listed on the Executive Committee

got your info
you’re on the Executive Committee

Thanks Ben, looking forward to it. Pete

Ben, I’ll be resnet certified as soon as I finish the mock inspections. Took the class and passed. Keep me in mind.

I have no intention to be “anything” certified… (at this point).

I have done all this before in another life. I have been certified by those all but forgotten. That certifiecation is now worthless in the eyes of the all mighty!

I am building science certified and I know a little about HVAC.

If you would like my WAG, I’ll join your group if you would be interested in a devils advocate.

Please ask those involved before including my offer to assist.

I have no intention to laying down to a $200 energy audit as proposed, but I will offer my assistance.

No offence taken if you find that my opinion may be too far to the right.

Just as Peter is NOT RESNET certified, he is more than qualified to do the job. Some of the powers that be may not be so radially willing to accept those qualifications.

I’ll do it, just to keep up with what’s happening.

I’m not following.
You’re certified by InterNACHI. You’re a certified thermographer. You’ve got certifications listed in your signature. ?
What $200?