EPDM membranes

Does anybody know what the life expectancy for a 60 mil black EPDM roof is in the southwest? Or even what the warantee for this type of roof is?

most commercial roofs will have a warranty from the manufacturer, depends on the application. the contractor can purchase a 10-15-or 20 year warranty they should be paperwork on the roof if that was done. as to life expectancy also depends on application. what is covering the membrane ? is it coated or ballast, is it glued or fastened

There is no coating, just the black EPDM mebrane at the surface. It appears to be fastend at the edges of the sheets with screws that are then covered by EPDM tape (there are 2" dia. dipmples every 12-18" along the edges of each sheet) and it feels like poly insulation wedges for drainage underneath. Our climate is very dry and hot, and I worry about the black rubber exposed to direct sunlight. The surface is oxidized and rubs off on my fingers, the edges of seams are brittle and cracking in some areas.

The membrane should be covered either with gravel, coating, or cap sheet but most of the time that’s not done.with that being said there probably is no manufacture warranty on the roof. IMO about 10-15 years as is.

Try this link about epdm.

I have a question:
I was always taught the proper slope for a rubber roof is 1/8" to 2" drop per foot, depending on the manufacturer. Does anybody here know for sure?