Help identifying this roof covering

Good evening guys,

I did a citizens roof condition inspection today for a mobile home. (See Photos). There appears to be “canvas” like material over top of the aluminum panel roof.

What would be the proper term for this covering and what is the life expectancy?

Any direction would be greatly appreciated.


Could be a thermoplastic or TPO material.
Normally do not see the fiberglass mesh like that.

I always call it the goodyear stuff but do not quote me.

Its about an 1/8" inch thick. Not a alot of flex to it. Ive never really come accross it before.

Normally commercial applications.
As you might suspect from the color it is good at deflecting UV rays.
Lasts longer than EPDM or modified.

Hang tight though as there are a few roofing experts lurking around here.

Well thanks for the feed back Mr. Elliott. I appreciate it.

Does it carry around a 15 year life span. I know the warranty from the site you posted says 15 years but then again we have “50 year” shingles here in Florida

I would refer to it as a single-ply roofing system. Personally, I’m not a fan of that type of system. You typically only see them on trailers in retirement communities, which makes me feel like most roofers that install these systems pray on the elderly. This product usually touts a lifetime guarantee (considering the average age of the customer).
Don’t confuse this with a commercial TPO. This system of much lesser quality. I would give it a useful life of 10 years in FL.

The commercial stuff lasts a long time.Good to know.
Got any links ?

Thanks for the info.

The roof in the photos is 11 years old. Looks like the product has held up pretty well.

I also should have mentioned the mobile home is in Ruskin very close to Tampa Bay. I assume the material was installed over the aluminum because of its the mobile home is located close to sea water?

Looks like a bonded polyester reinforcement fabric that has been coated. But not being there and able to see up close I cant be sure. If it is coated then the life expectancy would only be as good as the coating so I wouldn’t stick my neck out for more than five years, but then I’m not a roofing pro.

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I have seen some of this stuff down here in Fl, it’s not a TPO from what I have seen and it often has an insulation panel underneath. Not being a big trailer home inspector I am not too familiar with the product.

Can’t really tell from the photographs.

It could be any number of things such as:

  • TPO
  • PVC
  • KEE
  • EIP
  • TPA
  • NBP
  • CSPE
  • PVC Blend
  • CPA

Without seeing the material first hand, it makes it next to impossible to identify it. I will tell you that the scrim is visible in the last photograph which means the surface coating is worn beyond repair and it needs replacing. Also, it appears that the covering has been applied over corrugated steel decking without a substrate underneath (Picture 2). This installation detail is an installed defect and is not how manufacturers recommend applying these types of membranes. I am surprised that it lasted 11 years that way.

In any case…it needs replacement by someone who knows what the heck they are doing.

This Link to Firestone Building Products will help you identify the type of material. Not being there to actually see it I would say its a commercial grade roof product.

OK and I said I called it Goodyear.At least I got the tire part right.

I totally agree with Mr Gilligan. These types of roof coverings are found frequently here in Florida. To understand how these types of “Fabric” type coverings are made visit this KEE product “Fibertite” and there comparison to other types as mentioned above. Good Luck! :slight_smile:

As always you guys are a wealth of information. Thanks you very much. I really appreciate the responces.