Episode 67 - 10 Top Success Tips

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Episode 67 - 10 Top Success Tips
What would happen if half the people who refer work to you stop? Maybe some of them have already stopped and you don’t even know. As an inspector, that can be devastating. We give you the 10 top success tips to prevent that from happening.

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:cool: Success tips…you can’t get enough of them.

Some of the tips on NACHI.TV episode 67 are ones that I have used. Others I will be trying out. Ben mentioned his book…
Now that you’ve had a HOME inspection all about home maintenance. I think is a fabulous way to give a client something that show a sense of caring about there ‘investment’ in the house.

That “TOOL” may end up going a long way for the business. Perhaps use a stick on business card and staple your regular card to it as well, a keep one and pass along the other type of b-card marketing.

If we can all suggest a success tip we would have one long list/video.

Knowledge is Power

Thomas Bloore
American Home Services

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Episode 67 video is very inspiring it is very informative lots of good tips there. Thanks Ben:)

Great job Ben! Lots of great info! Never thought about sending a letter to the seller! Will do that every time now. I always call the sellers agent afterwards just to let them know I’m done and they can call their clients and let them know I’m done. Not all inspectors do that! And sending a letter to the seller takes it one step further.

Thanks!!! :smiley:

This episode 67 is very informative and I think Nachi is great.
Ben your tips are great and your so right.
Tony Muscat
Inch by Inch Inspections:D

Very good information, I really like the idea of the
incentive for referrals to friends/relatives. I wonder
how well the sweetner would work if it included
$50 off annual inspection? Also, how well has scheduling
an annual inspection worked for you guys? Any price

Ben thanks for the tips doc, it is a wealth of knowledge.

All really useful tips. Thanks Ben

It is very informative lots of great tips there.Thanks for tips doc,there are really usefull tips.
Thanks Ben.

Great tips- Thanks!!!

Check out Ben’s top 10 tips…SUPER!

Great presentation Ben-Lot of good points-Looking forward to putting some into action. Unfortunately just getting my business up and running and don’t have the history for video testimonials.So still working with Brochures to get known in my area. For initial contacts with Real Estate Agents etc I still think this best way and more bank for your buck. Hopefully can soon get some videos to go your route.
Larry Mote - Safehome Inspections - Saskatoon Sk

Excellent information. Thanks Ben.


I thought your sucess tips video was very good!!

You have some good ideas.

The tips I like:
Letters to seller

Book ( I purchased I just started handing out)

Education: Know one can ever have enough training. I would love to get together with you on the energy training. I want row 1 seat 1 on whatever you are doing with this.

Audio testimonials. I like it, going to try it.

Warranty info. I need to talk to you about Green Mountain

Now I would disagree on the discount of $50. Maybe $20 or $10.

Great job as always.

You are the Pros Pro.


Hey Ben
Thanks for the tips> I already send letters to the referring agent and now I will send to the listing agent and homeowner as well. thanks for the heads up.

Great tips, I love the one about leaving a letter behind for the seller. I will be using it from now on.


Interesting points, no rest for success. Keeping busy marketing or constently continuing your education, never resting on your laurels. Good advice for a successful career.:smiley:

Great tips for a ‘newbe’. Have used some of thwese but will incorporate more…Great job Ben…

Great tips, I’m still new to the home inspection and the ideals you give are something I woundn’t think of.

Great tips Ben,
I started with the video testimonials, #10 because I was already doing most of the others. You can see some here: http://www.youtube.com/user/HomeSpectorInc
Very usefull info and marketing ideas.
Thank you very, very much.
Long Island Local Home Inspector

**Inspector Success Tip #10. ** Video Testimonials.

(If you don’t have time to read the following, then watch this video. http://www.nachi.tv/episode67
No time to watch the video? Just email me, ben@nachi.tv, for the “10 Top Success Tips” and write “Success Tips” in the subject line.)

Testimonials are the highest form of selling your service. Testimonials are also being overlooked by most inspectors trying to sell their services. When you say good stuff about yourself - it could sound like bragging. When other people say good stuff about you and your services, then it’s PROOF. Testimonials are proof. But what type of testimonials are you using? There are essentially two types of testimonials - letter and video.

Video testimonials are what’s new. Letter testimonials are old and over. Do you have letter testimonials on your marketing, brochure, on your website? I know you do. And that’s pretty okay. It’s not the best though. Letter testimonials are old; they simply do not work anymore - particularly when you don’t actually list the entire name of the person who apparently spoke highly of you. “….Gromicko Inspections did a great job. I highly recommend Gromicko Inspections to anyone… signed B.G.” Uh! That’s stuff is over. Forget it. It’s old.

Here’s what’s new - what’s best - what’s NOT being used by your competition. Video testimonials. Video. Don’t do letter testimonials. No one reads! Studies actually show that 1 out of every 4 words on your website are actually read. You need video. Video on your website - right on the front page! Here’s how you do it. Look at your digital camera. Every camera has a setting that takes pictures and video. It’s easy. So that’s how you actually take the video.

Here’s how you get your client to give you the testimonial. Before the inspection begins… Say to your client something like… “When we finish the inspection, I’m going to ask you for something - a video testimonial. I’d like to take it with my camera here - just a few seconds about your home inspection. So - what I’m going to do right now is my best inspection - I’m going to do the best home inspection that I can do - My goal is to earn that testimonial. Okay?”

If you feel awkward about asking for video testimonial from your clients, then I suggest that it’s because your relationships with your clients are weak. If you feel that asking for a video testimonial at the end of the inspection is too soon or puts too much pressure on your client, then simply wait.

Wait until your client moves into their home - say 100 days after the inspection. Then call them up, pay them a visit, and ask, “How’s everything? How did I do?” If they like you, they’ll provide a testimonial. If they don’t like you, then that gives you the one-on-one opportunity (the upper-hand) to work to resolve the situation before it goes any further.

My suggestion is to get the testimonial whenever it is convenient for you and your client. At the end of the inspection… turn on your camera… Don’t worry about the audio or video quality. It doesn’t have to be perfect. In fact, it SHOULD look and sound rough. Because it’ll be more authentic looking on your website.

Video testimonials. No one is doing them. On your web page - put 10 videos, and when you’re talking with a potential client - say “Go to my website, and see for yourself. I’ve got a hundred testimonials, but I just put up a few…”

Having someone else speak highly of you - it’s the absolute **highest form of marketing that exists on the planet **- someone else speaking well about you and your service. When other people are speaking great stuff about your services, then you don’t have to work as hard selling yourself - because other people (your past clients) are doing it for you.

If you don’t have video testimonials on your website - you’re going to lose to someone who does.