Episode 84 - Performing a Roof Inspection (Preview)

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NACHI.TV just released a new episode:

Episode 84 - Performing a Roof Inspection (Preview)
Preview of our new course, “Performing a Roof Inspection.”

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Just got this email. Thanks for the input, Justin.



I am taking the 4 hour roof course online. Minor suggestion: the inclusion of gutter/drip edge combos.

They may not be common in some areas, but are very common here. The advantage with them is that you don’t have to install the drip edge as the gutter comes with the edge.

The disadvantage is (among others) that there is a difficulty in properly sloping the gutter. If the gutter is to have the slope noted in the course (the course gives two, but a “slope” nonetheless is necessary, with the “spirit” being that the gutters shouldn’t pool water), then you end up having a big dip in the roofing material at one side of the gutter: it pushes up on the material. If the “edge” corresponds to the roof sheathing (which is what it is intended to do), then you have a gutter that is level and not properly sloping. You are damned if you do and damned if you don’t, so to speak.

Anyway… thought I might mention that…

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Ben: The information in both the Preview and Part 1 of the videos is excellant. However, as many have said before, the rock/porn music compromises the quality. Also, any pictures in the video (again lose the porn music), without a notation of what the picture is attempting to show, is not very helpful. A caption would be a beautiful thing.

Also I could not download the video with getting past having to purchase some sort of plug in for Windoes. A simpler means of downloading straight to a disk would be preferred.

All in all, an excellant job (maybe try some 50’s Oldies music…LOL).

Could you provide a link to the videos you’re referring to?