Epoxy flooring issues

I did an inspection on a new build that I’m typing up the report for right now where the home had epoxy flooring installed everywhere but the bedrooms.

What I think I’m seeing is some poor prep of the slab before pouring the epoxy, and I’m seeing what appears to be cracks from the slab showing through at the finished floor surface. Other things too like bubbling and other imperfections that could be from poor prep work or issues during curing.

Is this something that can be ‘fixed’ or is it pretty much a done deal once the epoxy cures? And can epoxy floors be buffed to get out scratches or other minor imperfections?

A buffing machine isn’t required. In fact, it’s best to avoid heavy-duty machinery for this maintenance task since it could remove too much of your epoxy floor’s coating. You’ll need to use some sort of polish to fill in scratches as you buff the floor. For a lighter touch, you can use furniture polish.Aug 2, 2021

Expert Advise - Can You Buff Epoxy Floors - Alliance Flooring Directory.


To remove a scratch in the epoxy, you will need a drill, polishing pads, and Meguiars polishing paste. You will apply a small amount of the paste as directed on the packaging and then use the polishing pad attachment on your drill to buff the surface of the epoxy.Nov 2, 2017

How to Care for Your Epoxy Countertops - Counter Top Epoxy.

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I would tell my clients to throw a rugs over the floors to cover the cracks as there’s probably nothing you can do short of stripping and starting over, plus those floors look like an ice skating rink, very slippery.


Right…How do you repair a mirror that has deteriorated nickel? All blemishes will show thru.


Tape these to the back? :roll_eyes: :crazy_face: