Pour on kitchen flooring?

I inspected a house recently that seems to have a linoleum floor in the kitchen and laundry. When looking at the edge overhanging the stairs, it appears to have been poured over a 1/4" layer of plywood. It seamlessly goes from the floor partially up the walls. Can someone tell me what this is called and how can it be removed?

Shelley Foster
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Might be something like this: Epoxy-Coat

In years past (mid 70’s) there was a product that had colored pieces (plasticy stuff) that you threw over floor into a pattern, then poured clear acrylic (?) over it. Looked pretty good, but was really slick with wet feet.

To remove, could you pull up the plywood, or scrape it up?
Be a ‘not-fun’ job, I imagine.

Probably a form of epoxy resin.
I have experimented with this stuff myself.
You would need to lay new over it or trash the underlayment.
Think of it as a extra thick polyurethane.
I have seen stuff like this where they put all kinds of stuff in the clear though it is not common.

I’ve seen Jif Set floor leveling compound used for commercial applications. There are many newer products on the market today.

There have been several floor leveling products on the market for years. My dad used one in the house that I grew up in. The stuff he used was in gallon cans that were poured onto the floor. It was a syrup/molasses consistency and was self leveling. It was used in the kitchen and it worked well, from what I remember.

If it is truly an epoxy then there is no other way but to call in the wrecking crew. It will come up in chunks and pull the underlayment with it (in most cases). Sometimes you can get whole or half sheets of ply up with coating still attached (if your lucky). Was used widely in commercial buildings (lasts forever), laboratories (resists chemicals), and hospitals (easy to clean and non porous). Don’t see it in homes much due to the cost.

There are some other products. Do you have pics? How old is the house?

Just remembered I had this color chart stored.:slight_smile:

Remember helping my stepdad pour those urethane floors, the ones with the colored paint chips in them when I was a teen back in the '70’s. You didn’t need to take drugs - this stuff would make you high as a kite when it was being poured.

Don’t believe you will easily remove it.