epoxy on copper joints

I have found some epoxy used on copper fitted pipes and notified the owner that it would not electrically bond the materials and was an irregular practice. I do not know really what to tell him about it’s durability.
Does anybody have any good info or statistics or studies on this.
For my information at home I fitted some old half inch copper with a collar using 30 minute clear epoxy - heavy coated in and out - slight twist going in - course sandpaper in circular pattern to rough it up. I tried to get it to release. It won’t. Boiled it in a pot of water. Won’t budge. Beat on it. Nothing. Pulled on it with vice grips and a pipe wrench and bent the copper but no release. If this doesn’t hold water for many years I’ll eat it - but I still don’t trust it completely.

Just note that it is not installed as intended and move on.

Recommend that it be corrected by a real plumber.

An amateur repair is just that.

Leaching of chemicals on potable water?
Michael is right, amateur repair.

Kind of cool you went to all that effort to test it though :slight_smile: