glued copper fittings

Well just when you think you saw it all. On my inspection Sat. I found glued half inch copper supply lines along with the typical non primed P.V.C. drain lines. This home owner does deserve credit for at least roughing up the copper connections before glueing them. He also had the soft copper propane supply lines cemented through the foundation without protection and all galvanized fastners touching soft copper gas lines. At this point I no longer cared about all the dog mounds all over the yard.

There is glue for copper fittings. It’s an epoxy. Are you sure you have the same stuff, photos?


Q: Is JUST-FOR-COPPER™ a glue or an epoxy?
A: JUST-FOR-COPPER™ is a durable polymer (a polyacrylic solid when cured) with outstanding durability and resistance.

More info at:

this really sounds like some interesting stuff…but I’ve never had the nerve to try it …does anybody have any experience with it good or bad ???..jim

Thanks Guys, I stand corrected it seems you can test and test till you can’t see anymore and a glue or polymer as this shows up. I think I will update that report but still suggest a qualified plumber evaluate the plumbing conditions found. I knew this was gonna happen.

I say, sign of non-professional work.

I have to agree Robert.