Equipment Question

Gentlemen: I want to buy a moisture meter and carbon mon tester and am not sure which one to get. Being a new company I don’t want to spend a lot of money yet but need something accurate until more funds are available. Can some of you experienced guys send me down the right path please. I see these from $85 to $500 in the professional equipment catalogue but not sure which to get. Also, the readouts for each seem to be a little different as well.

Can you advise me the new guy which to get and what readings or range level are needed for homes.



I wish I had a Protimeter Surveymaster. Instead I have a Tramex Moisture Encounter Plus. The Tramex is great, but with one drawback: it doesn’t have pins, so if I’m in the CS and want to take a picture of the meter on the wood, I have to hold it with one hand, hold the flashlight with my arm pit, and the camera with the other hand. Would be nice to simply stick the meter in the wood and snap a photo. The Tramex is great for inside use, however, because you don’t want a destructive meter there. The Protimeter is dual mode: pins and non-destructive. I started with a Protimeter Mini and it worked fine for me, but it has no non-destructive capability (it’s less than $200).

In my view, you can save your money on the CO meter. This is my 2nd year in business full-time and I don’t have one. Don’t plan on buying one anytime soon.

Thanks Joe: comments appreciated. The mini is one that I was looking at. Just wonder about the less expensive items. I do believe you get what you pay for but sometimes you can get lucky and find a nice piece. Like to hear a few other opions as well…

As far as the co meter think I should get one for here on LI. I smoke so I don’t smell as well as someone who doesn’t. To use it in a boiler room can’t hurt and may save litigation from a nut down the road. I’m thinking better to be safe then sorry especially if I don’t have to spend a lot of money. Hopefully others will stick in their two sense.

Thanks again


You actually increase your liability by using a C/O detector.
I purchased a ambient air C/O detector & it was/is a waste of $$$.

Unless you are special trained in using a C/O detector I wouldnt advise bying one. If HVAC is your specialty or you are well trained in C/O buy a good one with a probe.

The surveymaster moisture meter has worked well for me for 4 years. I always seem to be misplacing the cap for covering the pins.


I use the Surveymaster. I also have a AEMC CO meter for my own safety.
They use these in subway tunnels and service depots to monitor CO levels for workers. However, I do not report on CO.

thanks for your thoughts, always nice to hear from guys who have ben out there for a while. offers NACHI members discounts Nick Amoroso and the folks over there are great to work with. If they don’t have what you want they will try and get it for you at discounted rate. They’ve beat everyone elses pricing on all of the items I have purchased.

Spend the money for the best and most versiatile, you wont regret it.

Protimeter Surveymaster w/Training DVD

Bacharach Monoxor III


Andrew - I have an old Delmhorst J-1 that you can have if you make a $50 contribution to the Jacob’s Light Foundation.

I’ll even deliver it!!


Vintage! very nice shape.

I use a TIFF 8800 to check for gas leaks. You can also use it to check for exhaust flue leaks too. Not as sensitive as a true CO meter however.

I just bought a Fluke CO meter. I haven’t found any CO leaks lately with my TIFF to verify how well the CO meter works. The next time I BBQ something, I give it a try.

As for moisture meters, you can’t beat a Surveymaster dual mode. Damn, they are expensive! Someone “borrowed” mine a while back and I haven’t been the same since.