Equiptment Inspections

I just recieved a phone call from a woman with Secure Track Inc. out of Florida. She told me she found me on Findaninspector.com. She said she needs to find someone who can do equipment inspections for her company. I asked what kind of equiptment and she said “all kinds of equiptment like tractor trailor, heavy machinery, etc…”, all I would do is go to where the equiptment is located and take digital photos of the serial number, vin number, and the equipment itself for the bank that owns it.

She gave me the location of a peice of equipment in my area and asked if I would be interested in doing that for her today.

Is this something I would have to worry about going against any NACHI membership code or I guess is it anything that NACHI would frown upon?

It seems totally separate from anything to do with home inspections.

Has anyine heard of this? Is it legit?

I appreciate any reponses.

Scott Hand
Integrity Home Inspections

I would put this under the category of “none of NACHI’s business”. It would be on the lines of if you wanted to mow lawns or wash cars on the weekend.

If you want to do it, do it. If it looks like it’s going to turn into something good, register a new business name “Integrity Equipment Inspections” and go for it.

BTW, tell the gall if she needs someone in the St. Louis metro area you know a guy! :wink:

I have done Lease Inspections/Equipment inspections for them last year. They are legit. Makes for good fill work when slow, but not many in my area. They mostly service Florida, with the occasional other states. Quick and easy. If I remember, you need to send them an invoice for services rendered. Paid within 30 days. www.securetrac.net

I’ve done work for www.leaseinspection.com - Pay is better than draw inspections, but I don’t get nearly as many lease inspections as draws.

Rock on! I went ahead and did it today. I have to admit…that might have been the easiest $50 I ever made!

Now I wait 30 days for the check. I of course let her know she could call me anytime.

Great filler work is right. I hope she keeps it coming my way. We will see.

Thanks everyone for commenting on this. I appreciate it.

Scott Hand
Integrity Home Inspections

I had a guy from out of state today called me to inspect a building grinder. I replied “One of those large grinders that grinds up buildings.”. He replied back “I need somebody to preform a thoroughal check over of the mechanics of the grinder.” I told him that I was a building inspector, not a building grinder inspector. I referred to a heavy equipment shop in town. He responded “Do they have an inspector”. “No” I"said “But they have a mechanic that can check it out for you”. Right before he hung up he said “I will give you a call back if I do not find somebody”. I replied “No, you do not have to.”
Also I get calls all the time to inspect cars, so I just refer them to my cousin.

EquiCheck is another company that needs equipment/lease inspections (http://www.equicheck.com/). They pay much better than draw inspections and are much quicker than draws as well. Match some numbers, take a few pics and away you go.


All I had to do was snap some digital photos of the Tractor Trailer and take a picture of the VIN plate on the inside of the door.

Pretty simple and I didn’t need to know anything about anything to do it.

I will take jobs like that all day long!