Tools for the new inspector

Hi all. As you can tell by the post title, I am new to the business. What I am wondering is if anyone has a comprehensive list of what an inspector “needs” to do a thorough inspections and a list of what would be nice to have, once the business is off the ground? Any input would be appreciated.

Welcome. This topic has been discussed on this board many, many times. Here is one of the threads that it has been discussed in.

tiff 8800 or 8900 gas detector 8900 is the newer model. inspection mirror. GGIC tester, voltage indicator, circit tester, a good flashlight plus a back up, laser thermometer, moister meter, i also carry a light weight ladder to carry inside the home , and also wal-mart sells a ladder that goes from A frame to extension handy ladder to have the cheaper version of little giant ladder. screw driver set, i also took a pole extension for painting and a screw on paint roller cut off part of the paint roller and then sharpened it to a point. This creates a pole with a point so you can use it to inspect high to reach places so you can probe for rot with out dragging your ladder all around, this is for the out side of the home just be careful dont cause any damage or you’ll be paying for it. p.s keep extra money for marketing or you wont need any of those tools, its slow getting referals at first. Also wait to get e and o insureance to you get your first client lined up no reason to pay until you get some work lined up.

Tim, I have a Brand New Tif8800 for sale NEVER USED…STILL IN BOX… 140.00 I payed over 225.00 for it, i will ship it you for no cost to you , Please let me know if you need it, my e-mail


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I like to carry a Todd Allen in my bag. It is pretty much a useless tool, works in Tucson only, but always brings a smile to my clients face everytime I pull it out.:stuck_out_tongue:


It’s just a 2003 version of the BK 2006. Something that no HI MB should be without.;-):cool:

10 in one klien screwdriver
ultra stinger flashlight w/ spare
21’ Gorrila ladder
1 ea. set of nut drivers/ Klien
good pair of safety glasses
good leather gloves
Tick testor
Infered thermometer/ or old school type, prefferably both
extra pair of shouse… dont want no dirt in the house
plug in three bulb testors… one for 3 prong ong for 2 prong
Sure test for those times when the cheapy wilol not cut it
decent digi cam
Duct tape… for those times when you want to say Holy ****!!!
Cover alls… love them crawls.
Respirater. you are going to need it.
Lazer level ?
Tape measure
moisture meter?
Telesteps . for those hard to reach acces hatches
Bong … for when you are really stressed out LOL:p
Water pressure gauge
Marguritas… in case you se RR
And most important… Big giant balls for dealing with Real Estate agents…:cool:


I got a big bag for all my tools BUT if I look at the ones I use everyday the list is small:
UltraStinger flashlight
Little Giant 22’
Xtend and Climb 12.5’
Infrared thermometer
Olympus C-700 digital camera
Multihead screwdriver (home depot at the register kind)
3D inspection software
Tape measure
Tool belt
Fishing lure Electrical tester

This will get you started and you will want to acquire more as you go but wait and see what you need versus what you want. Many of my tools I got on eBay at a reduced price. I live in the Pacific NW where we get a lot of rain and now I have two different types of moisture meters because I see the need for those. You may not have the same needs and don’t have the cash.


Q ball for level questions, always amusing to the client.

And a good, clean new golf ball to help spot loose tiles.

Bounce it on the corners, and the centers of the tiles. When you hit a loose or otherwise not properly seated tile, it will make a dead sound and bot bounce back as it would on a properly installed one.

Thanks for all the input guys, this is great!

Con’t forget the cuestick for protection against the Selling Agent that saw you pull up with a Panel Pick-up with all those tools. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I do not konw how the grow them back east Marcel, but a Pool Stick will just agitate them in Phoenix.:smiley:


Enough agitatioh might provide the upper edge. ha. ha.

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A little bit of agitation, might give someone the upper edge.

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