Erros & Ommissions Insurance

Does anyone have any experience with the InspectorPro insurance plan? It’s part of the “Real Estate Services Purchasing Association” and administered by Citadel Insurance Services, LC. I have a pretty attractive quote in hand and am considering going with it.

I switched to them in March. They have been very pleasant to work with so far.

I can personally recommend them. Email for a free quote. You’ll be very pleased.

Isn’t there a thread in the Canadian section from last week where an inspector got screwed???

Here you go…

Thanks for the replies. Sounds like someone in Canada got a terrible agent. I think I’ll give them a shot. The guy I’ve been working with is Jason Fiack and has been very helpful so far.

There has been a few hiccups in Canada which have now been worked out, mostly due to a change to the phone number 2 months in. I am truly sorry for those who dealt with some of our growing pains crossing boarders. I promise that you wont find better service or policy out there. I can be reached and act as a liaison for any of you in Canada to make sure the Canadian Broker is providing the service all other InspectorPro clients have grown to appreciate.

Darren. Im sure Jason will take very good care of you. He is out on vacation this week, so if there is anything I can do to assist you while he is out please let me know.

Thanks Will. Our members will need insurance in Delaware: