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When a new service and panel , (with a panel in the garage also) and wiring are put in a old home , ANd if the main panel in the home is 100 amp and the garage panel is fed by a 60 amp breaker in the main to a 100 amp main breaker in the garage does any of this require a ESA sticker and signature?? I was asked by the client and agent to talk to the owner re the items of concern and to tell him first hand about the issues, one of the issues was the service wire size for the panel(s) and no ESA sticker and he told me that the electrian friend of his that did the work said that only on new homes it apply’s not older homes when doing a upgrade. and he gave me a phone # to call, he said the # was for some electrical safety place of some sort and it would clear this up for me, does anyone know for sure??? Thanx


All work carried out by licenced electricians must be carried out under the Electrical Code. The electrician does not have to take out a permit, but rather does the work under the proviso that if audited his work must not be found to be lacking as per ESA. That means if the ESA comes and inspects a random audit or the vendor requests it, the work better be up to snuff.

As per my earlier post today about double taps the four year old house I inspected had a ESA sticker on it. The sticker stated (para phrasing) …

“*The electrical contractor is approved by ESA. His work is to meet ESA requirements. The electricians work maybe randomly audited for compliance.”

*So not every panel will have a sticker on it. But if inspected by an ESA inspector its usually stickered as having been inspected.

The purchaser can have ESA come out and inspect the work for about $125-$135. Any improvements required will have to be carried out.

This may better explain the program

]( Thanx Ray,
for answering to my question, put a call into a electrical friend and he just called back, yes it must have a permit, some are granted self inspected but still should have a paper trail as he must call it in to ESA. The 100 amp in the garage should be replaced with a 60. Seems the home owner does not want to show the papers, if he knows of them? So it seems simple enough, show me the paper! :shock:

Update Put in a call to 1-877-372-7233 , ESA, talked to a fellow and yes they have no info for that address, as the electrian is to call it in and have a permit, cost is $115.00 plus gst for ESA inspection.The home owner must request this inspection. :roll:


I would speculate the electrician is either not licenced or if licenced is not pre-approved. Yes there should be a paper trail, because the vendor should be able to back up his claims.