Evacuating NACHI.TV Studios. Mountain behind us on fire and getting real close.

Have to load up everything in trucks and get out. Bye for now.

Good Luck.

Sounds like a conspiracy:mrgreen: But seriously I hope everyone is alright.

Really high winds in Boulder today and it’s blowing the fire toward the back of the building. Smoke everywhere. It moved so fast.

That is not good. Good Luck!
Remeber if you caught on fire. Stop, drop and roll. :shock:

Got all the HD cameras and expensive equipment on the trailer and out of here. Time to run.


Run here to Kansas!! No fires here. And we could use your help in Topeka anyway.

God’s speed…

I will never forget when I was working on a ranch in South Dakota, The straw boss came in on Sunday and got us up, Me being a city boy I ask what’s up and he replied that we had to fill up the water tanks and get over to the other side of the ranch to put out a fire, I said call the fire dept, he said, city boy you are the fire dept.
Found myself on the side of a mountain with a shovel turning dirt to put out a fire for the next 3- days. (1975)

We got out. NACHI.TV Studios are different than a regular studio in that all our equipment is portable. We buy only portable equipment because we shoot on location so much. Staff was amazing. They just folded everything up and packed it into our trailor in about 25 minutes. We’ll lose the sets at most. Always somethin’. :roll:

and into Tornado Alley:mrgreen:

I think it was the year before you came out to Boulder, when I was still living there, that whole mountain / ridgeline burned up pretty well. We had several fires then, some simultaneously. I’m sure you saw the results since you’ve been there! Seems like when I was there at my last visit to NACHI HQ, the plant life was recoloring the blackened areas, finally.
No doubt about it, the winds can really whip up in that area; I remember it well!
At least you have metal buildings; as long as some of your automotive-type neighbors don’t have many flammables, you’ll probably be OK!

Hey, we could send you a few spare feet of snow to blanket the hillsides . . . did you make it up to Schweitzer to ski yet, this year?

Did Nikolai get his Project NachiMobile out of the building?

Dang, that map location of the fire is only 5 miles from NACHI TV.

Sheeeeeeit, a few years ago, the scorched earth was along the property lines!

Glad you guys got out of there. Be careful.

Good luck, Hope it turns

I hope that you and the rest of our NACHI staff made it out okay and that their homes and families are ALL okay!

I hope that you have security cameras set up around NACHI HQ… I know of at least three NACHI bashers who would take this opportunity to “help” Mother Nature!:wink:


The police won’t even let people in to save their horses and pets.

I am sorry to hear that! I wish all of you the best of luck!

They say our electricity may go out tonight, even at our homes. I’ve rented a board room at the Marriot in Denver for tomorrow, so we’ll be up and running at 9am mountain time.