Evaluation formula for selling a home inspection business

I was curious if anyone had an evaluation formula for selling a muilt-inspector home inspection business?



This is just some I found on Google … Try this and other namesTOO

Thank You Roy I appreciate the input.

Home purchasers ought not confound a bank’s valuation of a property with a home investigation. Bank assessments are performed to see Write My Paper For Me whether there is adequate incentive in the property to secure a home advance not to distinguish conceivable deformities.


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It’s worth what someone is willing to pay to get it. I would put it out there and see if anyone wants it and they can come up with a price.

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Perhaps this is why you need to sell???

I see your site offers a “FREE Hold Harmless Guarantee”.
What is that?

It is “Free” to the client to “Hold The Inspector Harmless” if they miss anything??

As Monty Alston I am interested in this formula too. We want to use it for our Speedypapers.net company growth.

How does he make money when everything is offered for free??

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Lol, After a few day’s I didn’t think anyone was going to respond to this, but I didn’t say I needed to sell we are a thriving business and my website has serviced us well!! I asked if anyone had a formula. FYI the free stuff I learned from Ben Gromicko.

This is a technique, that a learned from Ben Gromicko, it has serviced us very well, those things are included in our basic home inspection, I would be surprised if you didn’t offer them as well?

the ‘hold harmless’ clause is a line in the agreement that basically states that the client cannot sue the realtor for anything on the inspection.
It has no benefit to the client.
Unless I am missing something?

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