Home Inspection Buisness For Sale

Home inspection business for sale $5,000.00 OBO. Turn key business includes: logo design, website, necessary inspection tools, infrared camera, magnetic car signs, and more (2003 Honda Pilot with window graphics for an additional $5,000). Pictures and specific information available. Will consider selling tools only.
Call Jerry Jones 706-372-6822, jerryjones1124@gmail.com

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While I wish you luck this isn’t much of an ad. Would you buy this?

  1. You didn’t even say where it is located
  2. You never mentioned client books or numbers. I have never seen a business for sale without basic metrics, its like fishing without a hook.
  3. On your facebook you are advertising for a site called “trusthomeinspections.com” your site is “trust1homeinspections.com”. I guess it doesn’t matter because we don’t know if the facebook is included in the sale or not.
  4. based on number 3 I am lead to believe that there is not a marketing plan that is being included in the sale.
  5. The website is a wix.com website. Ben has a video on how to make a site like this in a few hours https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KgotqrKgd54. Also, the site was registered about a year ago and that coincides with the facebook that looks like you really got started doing this about 8 months ago.
  6. What tools, what brand and model of IR camera? Sure you said info on request but what was there to entice someone to request more info. I can inspect a home with a screwdriver and a flashlight. It may not be the best inspection but those two tools could be necessary and everything else could be frivolous.

Is my point made? I know it may come across as harsh but it is reality. Your post conveyed nothing that makes me want to give you $5,000. I learned more about your business with 5 minutes of google searching and it honestly made it worse.


I thought about much of what Michael wrote but didn’t have time to put it in a post. Thank you Michael.

From Google (The page you’re trying to load could not be found (a 404 error)):

That’s good, thoughtful advice for someone wishing to sell business assets.

At the end of the day - a business that did not work out is only worth the value of the accumulated tools.


More to point… “It’s only worth what someone is willing to pay for it, regardless of perceived value”.

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You get a super video too.
Just use some Photoshop stuff & you can change the face or even
superimpose your dog on it.

Do you still have equipment for sale? Looking for a radon monitor.

Interested to buy, how is the business volume.

Yes, I do! Would you like one or both of them?