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Has any one else done any Draw Inspections for this company. They have not paid me for draws Ive done for them on 3 different occasions. I guess we will have to write them off to bad debt. It sucks when out of state companies rip you off what can you do? Its always nice to be able to go ones place of business or home and personally hand them a invoice for the amount due when other means of contact are ignored.


Rule #1 - All payments due at the time of the inspection
(no exceptions - local checks, cash, or credit OK).
Rule #2 - Those who cannot attend the inspection pay
in advance (no checks, only cashiers check and credit).
Rule #3 - Never break Rule #1 and Rule #2. (NO EXCEPTIONS).

Been there, done that, got the T-shirt.
It does not feel good. I understand.

My non-payment problems have disappeared now.

That’s not really possible with draw inspections though. Most are on a bi-monthly or monthly payment schedule which is only sensible and no different than working for a company. Even though a draw inspector may be an independant contractor, they are still treated as an employee.

People pay or I stay home.
I can stay home for free.

I wish I had that luxury. But those draw inspections are what save me more times than not. :slight_smile: It is hard to wait for the money, but if I am doing enough of them then there are usually checks coming in from one place or another most weeks. :slight_smile:

Happy New Year!

You’re not alone!



By the way, this company is a branch of the following. Check the address and phone number. Check with the Colorado licensing authorities for the field and also business licenses and see if you can file a complaint with them. If nothing else you could stir up a hornets nest for them if they are not following state laws.

Rocky Mountain Appraisal Services

1714 Topaz Dr
Loveland, CO 80537-3223
(970) 667-7124


The owner of the appraisal company??
C. Daniel Breding, SRA

I sent them this E-mail lets see if they respond.

                         Hey is it possible that you guys are not paying your subs that do work for you. We have spoke to you guys on multiple occasions about these Inspections that we have not been paid on. We know the builders on these projects personally and have access to the Lender and loan numbers that you were paid on. So come on do the right thing and pay us so I don't have to start making things difficult. There are a lot of chat rooms out there this stuff can get around quick. Give me a call please............................... 530-899-7107                                                                            Rolland Summers         [http://www.nachi.org/forum/showthread.php?t=11741](http://www.nachi.org/forum/showthread.php?t=11741)

it should have been…give me a call please…OR ELSE…

or else what?..lol!

don’t write them off., sue them in small claims court.
you earned that money…, now go and get it.


[quote=Jim Lott]
it should have been…give me a call please…OR ELSE…/quote

Ah i get it now, youre right they better pay, what jerks!