Everdry job and the lady is not happy after spending $24,000

garbage! Dunderhead waterprofing would be better name

1:55 mark


yeah sure REAL professional… and for $24,000 lol WHO here said Marky Mark is not professional and most or all the others are? MORON, if you can’t take poorly structured paragraphs and some biiching from time to time fro me (well deserved biiiching by the way) and then you are a moron for claiming Markyyyy is not professional and these dweebs are, go ahead keep recommending these types clowns and LIARS who cheat homeowners

The idiots backfilled with same crappy az clay soil, did NOT dig all the way down to footing hence, basement still leaks… did NOT need a dumb az interior system, get outta here

Quite a few need drain tiles in their fuzzy heads to take common sense from their azz’z to their lil brains

tenor (2)jjjjack


yes Markyyyy wants to play

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