Yup, back and still BARKING!

This Bull Dog will NOT lay down!

How`s everybody doing?

As always, i post for the benefit of the public,yeah thats right, the homeowners, who call us/hire us to…ahem, help THEM.

To inform and provide all Facts,the Whole-Story,this is why i post.:wink:

Now, i hope you all got what you wanted from Santa, that new moisture meter you wanted so badly or maybe that new flashlight that is Solar-powered #-o

Ok, to those who may have assumed i have nothing better to do or i am a LONE voice, will find out differently.

For now,anyone who wants to talk to and hear from a few other Honest,experienced Waterproofing contractors in MI, i then please look up in Detroit/SE MI…Clark Basement Waterproofing,RL Stremersch Waterproofing, Downriver Waterproofing Specialists in Southgate…see and hear what THEY explain to YOU.

And on my POINTS about, when a homeowner has NO water coming from wall-near wall but Only has water coming UP through floor cracks or other openings In floor,call a couple Honest,Exp. Plumbers…John Scalzo or Earl Weil, both in Saint Clair Shrs MI, see what THEY explain to You about snaking through strom traps etc BEFORE spending many thousands on Any Inside system,on any sump pump.

Many, NOT all, Inside Co`s would like You to believe when water is coming UP through floor cracks etc, that they are the only remedy,lol, well this is bs.

Cant find the numbers, let me know, ill Happily supply them to ya.

A few here have stated, junk about my ‘ranting and raving posts’ and thats fine, just fine, your certainly entitled to your opinions. Thing is, if YOU really cared about understanding the Whole story on Bsmt Waterproofing to, provide the BEST information and FACTS you could to YOUR “clients”,well, seems to me and Others these few would quit with their remarks against me and begin to take what i post seriously. I see Caoimhin Connell post and many take the posts seriously, and IMO rightly so! Caoimhin has used a calm n educate kind of approach, which is FINE! Thats what ive ‘tried’ for…Years. lol But somehow the HI`s, at least Most HI here in MI, ‘thought’ they knew everything about Waterproofing, they are sadly mistaken.

If these inspectors here in MI have misinformed their CLIENTS about cracks in Bsmt walls, about how water enters,about lateral and hydrostatic pressure etc, then imo they are certainly responsible-liable for some of the outcomes to homeowners due to their lack of information,poor-sorry recommendations to Buyers about what to do on certain waterproofing problems, know what i mean? I think most do.

Many of you take further education on a variety of things, and thats great!

Many want to provide their clients with Expertise, the Facts.

Well why da heck dont the few seem to care about the Foundation Walls? I seen read their posts about other home matters,and many if not all of these matters aren`t remotely close to how Important the Foundation walls are.

Do they really think they KNOW Everthing about basement walls, about basement waterproofing?

I am NOT here to kick anyone around. I have tried the ‘nice guy approach’ for YEARS and very few listened!!! So for those who don`t appreciate my ‘EDGE’ …tough turds to ya. ](*,)

Let`s see :-k

all too often, it IS said and written/printed in various articles and on some hi websites that…downspout expensions will improve any basement seepage conditions.

it will huh? longer downspout extentions will improve ‘any’ basement seepage problems eh? please re-think this

i sure hope the people who like to take a dump on me and who claim how intelligent they are and so on,are not these same clowns.

hey, you few Yale/Harvard grads…use yer head please, Think!

if and when any homeowners has a crack or other opening(s) say, near or at the middle of a wall, your extensions wont do squat from keeping 'rainwater' from falling from the sky,lolol, and landing at/neat area of ground where crack is. When snow melts that is near the same area, how is an extension gonna improve ANY, this, basement seepage condition? Please dont tell me there will be less water near the house due to longer extension, please. Think of something else, if you can, and explain how a downspout extension keeps water from entering a crack etc.

:-& Dummy me,all this time i thought downspouts and its extensions help divert/take water from the gutters/roof, at-near corners. I didn`t realize it helped divert rain falling along rest of house.

Recommending that basement leaks/seepage, cracks in walls should attempt to be fixed by having longer downspouts/raised grade is Nonsense!

And imo and other Honest Exp contractors, will be there,when Most if not all of these people continue to leak,have mold,radon etc. And take 1 guess what we will ‘honestly’ explain to them what should have been done/recommended to fix their leak/seepage? Thats right(X})

If they bought a home and were told, misled,misinformed that by putting on longer extensions or whatever other water diverting technique ya think of, instead of fixing the crack…well, guess where it all goes back to, you know it!

Let the onslaught begin :mrgreen:

The long gone Freddie `n Queen…i was just a skinny lad,never knew no good from bad,but i knew life before i left my nursery, huh, left alone with big fat fanny she was such a naughty nanny, you big woman you made a bad boy outta me, hey hey!

:mrgreen: welcome back Mark :mrgreen:

TY Sir! :nachi: go Nachi go!

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   We boogied in the kitchen we boogied in the hall, i got some on my finger so i wiped it on the Wall!!!!!!!


here mark you can have THIS tread all to your self too…i won’t read your garb…yyyyyyyaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwnnnnnnnnnn

Whatever Jay, do what ya like, my guess is…you Will read this garb;-)

Yeah, why would ANY Hm Insp care to read my crap, and maybe, just maybe, learn something to Help Their Clients. Your right, leaky basements,cracking-bowing of foundations,mold/radon etc doesn`t matter much.Maybe you could start a ‘How to fix a door knob’ thread:mrgreen:

hey, have you ever been talking to someone and suddenly laugh through your nose and blow a snot of your shirt? :shock: Life`s lil moments

Many, Not ALL Inside Companies claim and state they charge $30-$40 a ft for their Inside perimeter system + sump.

To make this easy, let`s take a small bungalow and say the footage all the way around is 100’. So, for an Inside drain tile or baseboard system w/sump should cost $3,000-$4,000 for 100’

But for some reason #-o Other contractors & myself have NEVER seen 1 single estimate near these figures. Homeowners have had many estimates from many Inside Cos and shown us the figures. Its always a minimum of $6,000 to $20,000+ NO beams etc needed, straight waterproofing! Well, water-diverting.:mrgreen:

What happened to these claims and statements of $30-$40 a ft? :-&

Break it down a tad more, so for 2 walls and sump it should cost about $1,500-2,000 huh,yeah uh huh. 1-30’ wall w/sump about $900 to $1,200 What a crock, another steaming pile of red,white `n blue American grade A,Prime Choice, state of the art bll crap story.

They use in their advertisements on internet,yellow pages etc that “An Outside method is Very Expensive” …says Who? Them? :ack: Since when do THEY set the costs of Outside Waterproofing? -X Do they speak for all of us honest Outside contractors? Heck NO, they say crap like that to seduce `n bs homeowners into thinking THEIR lil waterdiverting method is BEST way and cheapest way to go,thats the dam truth.:ouch:

Many of these Inside Co`s are members of BBB, well the BBB says any member should be able to back up/substantiate ALL claims made/advertised! Dam it! :slight_smile: Misleading,decepive claims and so on shall, NOT be used!

Start backing up your bs claims Mr Inside Experts, would ya please!

Show the public, explain to them,substantiate your claims–

  1. an Outside method is Very Expensive
  2. an Outside method was already done when your house was built,it didnt work then and wont work now
  3. outside drain tiles can make basement seepage worse
  4. some claim their Inside system Stops ALL ways and directions water can enter a basement

and bunch more!

Many of these Inside companies state they leave the 'joint where the floor and walls meet to relieve hydrostatic pressure and they also drill holes in bottom block walls to relieve hydrostatic pressure, yeah ok fella`s! You are the Experts.

I like to know what Caoimhin C. thinks about, the possibilty of More Radon Entering a basement when the cold joints are left OPEN by the Inside Experts. About drilling holes in bottom of block walls for their bs Method. About allowing water to continue to enter through cracks and other openings in basement walls,about Mold growing on walls, in-on block walls due to Not stopping water from entering.

Just because some of you may not have many/any basements or have not inspected basements where there IS Mold growing on-in walls due to water entering through walls, does NOT at all mean it doesnt occur elsewhere. Im telling ya and OTHER contractors will as well, here it happens alot.

So, CC, if ya by chance read this, what are your thoughts on leaving cold joints Open, drilling holes in block walls,Not stopping water from entering walls.

Do you also own an basement repair company? Why is this so personal. Take a valuum, and calm down.

  1. Yes

  2. i do believe i explained in depth ](*,)

  3. A) :-k got any? J/K!
    B) you assume i need to calm down, because of a post? HAHaa! :mrgreen:

P Floyd…Jupiter and Saturn Oberon Miranda and Titania Neptune Titan
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  1. I didn’t (or Couldn’t) read it because it “read” terribly. It was full of what “read” like dribble, and “read” like it was full of frustration.

  2. Yes, from the conent of the post.

Well Ben, i feel yer HI love, i do man

let me return some love back, you or any other HI does not have to read a single word here. those of you here who have responded like az hs instead of simply moving on & keeping your pie hole closed, and continue thinking you know all there is about basement waterg/foundations shows other potential CLIENTS just that. You…think you know, but fact is Some/Many do NOT.

Thought you were all for learning,educating yourself. Bllchtt, NO your not.

Got that…“can ya hear me now?” Ya lil fruitcake.

The NERVE some of you HI`s have is unbelieveable! Some of You snots continue to show the PUBLIC why NOT to put their Trust in you, shtt, buying/selling a house and have some of You people inspect it?

You could LEARN something here but instead choose to shtt on someone who posts and informs for FREE! Most of you had NOT heard the Whole Bsmt Waterpfg Story, the TRUTH, till i took the time to try.Hey, if you HIs DONT want my azz on your site then KICK me Off. Im such a threat to your lil HI world huh. Ya went to some classes and passed some tests that had NOTHING in it that Should have been in it on THIS subject.

If ya like, ill start listing the Foundationn Waterproofing know it all HI Farts in my posts, this way if any potential Client is browsing through they can take a peek at your supposed vast foundation knowledge,just what theyre lookin for! lolol

B B B Bennie and the jets,

I used to say “I” and “me”
now its "us", now its "we" Ben, most people would turn you away I dont listen to a word they say
They dont see you as I do I wish they would try to Im sure they`d think again
If they had a friend like Ben


You are right in many of your statements from a tech point of view, but your methods of presenting your knowledge is causing you to lose the war.

Waterproofing is always better if applied on the outside and getting all water away from the basement is a very good idea.

Things are so bad in my area that most homes do not have basements. The soil is sand and the water-table is right below the surface for most of the year

So present your knowledge from a scientific prospective and this HI will listen otherwise you are on my ignore list


What an interesting thread.

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Mark, did you travel with the* “DEAD”* in the 70’s?

Too much garbage talk and sounds like you dont like HI`S. Water problems could be the result from many different things happening. A good Hi will figure that out and make the proper recommendation. Your babbling!

Didn’t everybody ?

Paul, if you go back and look in the archives. Marks one post on this had over 15, 000 views ( I think )

14,900 His.:wink: