Lady homeowner "They wanted $24,000 plus $11,000 finance chg plus $75 per year

hahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! SAME SHT different day. This happens ALL the time, all over

Warren Michigan, homeowners already removed a few sheets of paneling EH

Everdry, yeah that’s right, homeowners are PIZZED off at your lying scamming azz!

1:50 mark in video, listen to the homeowner…

basement AFTER i did a 10 - 15 minute water test with a hose to, helllllllooo, recreate a good rain to honestly deduce, to identify EXACTLY where the water was FIRST entering!!!

homeowners are getting water in basement because of, through… several EXTERIOR problems, OPENINGS! Not because of some STUPID, weak, loserville supposed grading need aka, beter drainage need, helllllll no!!!

Water first enters through the 2 B window vents
… and
it enters through cracked, deteriorated mortar joints
through gaps/crevices under B window SILLS
…and then possibly through…
1 or more hairline cracks in poured wall in that 12’ area
… and possibly through
the first-floor living room window

So add it up let’s see here… Everdry wanted (had them SIGNED already!!! 3 day bullshtt deal)
about $35,000 plus the yearly $75 and their ‘system’ was NOT going to STOP water from where it’s entering (mold??? duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh)

versus -----
$375 to dig a 12’ long shallow trench and seal/waterproof under the sills and any bricks etc below grade and sealing the mortar joints, they already have a L room window guy coming to replace that possibility and the 2 basement windows were put in 1 month agao lolol so that should be free…

and THEN, after they do the above, IF they leak through any of the wall cracks then waterproofing that 12’ area would cost approx $2,700-- 2,800

So to STOP the water, worse case scenario looks like about $3,200… and shtt lets add the cost of L room window… all this will STOP the water from coming in…

VERSUS lollllllllllllllllll --------------------------------------
Evedry’s water diverting system that would not stop the water from coming in $35,000

$35,000 versus $3,000–5,000 ??? Hellllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllo, knock friggin knock bitchchchchches!!! But a handful of home inspectors put ME down and have no egregious remarks about Evedry etc!!! U tell me, who is screwed up? YOU are.

"With your narrow minded cronies who are fools of the first division
death on two legs
you never had a heart of your own
kill joy, bad guy
big talking, small fry
but now you can kiss my azz goodbye
feel good, are you satisfied
do you feel like suicide (i think you should)
is your conscience all right
does it plague you at night

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, any YOU peeps wanna CALL these homeowners and ask them, huh? You let Bubba know okay

hahaha Marcus!!

is it soo soooo bad that Uncle Bubba simply wants to help homeowners and not rip them off, fix what needs fixing and move on to the next house repair expense that’s often lurking and maybe give those who are friggin HONEST and good at what they do, a lil love? Is this so bad? hahhaa apparently so.

this church had several OTHER estimates, this is back in 2005 ish, they found n called my old azz after receiving the other est’s that were all $20,000+… i went over there and because of what i saw, and coud NOT see because drywall etc, i did a water test… just like the water test i did for Warren homeowners above - well lol, the church did NOT need ANY ‘waterproofing’ at that point in time, the water was entering through above grade openings and basement windows etc, saved them many thousands n so they were nice enough to write this up - i appreciated it and saved it, excuse me…

–Mark Anderson
…“The expertise you provided SAVED us from having UNNECESSARY work done, your HONEST evaluation is truly appreciated”

Hmmm, a handful of home inspectors here say i suck, lol yep, say i am NOT an expert and so on and so on… RIGHT??? … Young, Tews, Bowers etc

Apparently there are others who KNOW differently, ya dig???

Mark, don’t put words in my mouth. You could spend eternity on this website searching for a post from me that says you suck or not an expert at exterior foundation repairs.

The only part of your act you need to clean up in my opinion is your trenching practices. That, and try to be less defensive. It’s really getting to be over the top.

lolol really? You were the one who replied to me and said what we do is, damproofing, i mean really? hahaha And i replied back to you and said, and know, your claim is dead wrong.

I challenge you to find that comment. I just searched my entire activity log, and the word “damp” shows up exactly once in 9 years of comments from me, and that was in response to a photo a non-member guest posted of a builder’s effort to cover up an architect’s goofy grading plan.

DT, ill put it this way, been posting the same videos,articles etc since around 2005, there were very few squabbles, yeah there were a few but nothing like the recent crap when a handful decided to dump, why?

All those years, not much and often no bitching from any HI here, then after 5-10 yrs Young showed up n started bitchin but even then, that was nothing like now… again 15 years man, i wrote the same way, same words, posted similar articles, photos, videos… very lil crying from any HI here.

i posted articles, videos about INT system screw ups and scams, articles about HI screw ups and so on… then all of a sudden, now we have somebody who says they don’t like my trenches etc, lol, really? You are worried about 2-5" ? hahha 2-5" in a 5-6’ deep trench is not going to make a differnce, we are WELL AWARE of trench cave ins, as much and likely more than anyone else knows.

The type of soil, the depth, underground roots, possible near by vibrations from cars/traffic in street, hwy, nearby construction etc…we’re on it, we are always looking for any signs of the start of a cave in, why? Cuz we are the ones down there!!! hahahaaa You are playing Monday morning QB, you are in a diff state, what do you really care about me n my guys? shtt nonsense, just trying to start some crap is how my guys n i see it. And DT, we DO sometimes STEP the soil, sometimes we DO widen trenches a lot, it depends on what i just mentioned above.

We hand dig, no equipment man so that is one less possibility we would need to worry about… we don’t put soil/weight on–near edge of any trenches, UNLIKE many others who do, have posted some of those videos— have not heard you say ANYTHING about THEIR trench safety, nary a word… interesting isn’t it? Shtt i put video of Mikeyyy Holmes doing waterproof jobs and he/they put all or most of the same excavated soil right on and along the trench banks! gUESS WHAT? It caved in, hahhaaa

Oh lol forgot to mention shoring, i’ll never use shoring again - when we still have work to do in a trench, why???
Because shoring can SLOW DOWN an attempt to get the hell outta of trench, pffft, have seen/USED shoring many years ago, have seen it SNAP crackle n pop real quick… so if im in a trench with shoring n a cave in occurs snapping the wood and 2 x 4’s etc now i gotta try n dodge pieces of wood n shtt coming at my eyes etc and it WILL slow down an attempt to get out, sheesh…no thanks man, you use it, not me. We have our own ways/means dealing with potential cave ins - and so you know sir, i have WALKED AWAY from some jobs after getting job site ready, after beginning to hand dig, getting 2-3-4’ deep and when i didn’t like what i saw, we told homeowner and we walked, picked up n loaded up, cleaned up etc,no charge $$ just bye bye n good luck, get someone with a trencher etc. Had a 3-day job, day 1, started digging between a concrete patio and F wall, we’re all always looking for any potential problem, okay so we get close to footing and i can see it’s gonna cave in one 5’ area and maybe another 5’ or so area, so we dig out small section, 2-3’ wide and 2-3’ long to fotting and leave the adjoining soil to help hold the bank in place, waterproof these small sections one by one and as we do do we backfill with some gravel , this has been successful each time we did it, didn’t want to, takes forever, use $ more tar, more gloves etc but it’s the best, safest thing to do — then we finished backfilling, cleaned up and told homeowner thanks but no thanks, got paid for 1 day job and they hired someone with a trencher/backhoe, now its on them, not me…due to SAFETY concerns, seems you don’t think i worry about that lol

Doing this type of work, one is going to run into some cave ins, this is no mystery man.
It’s how one prepares, thinks ahead, for a possible cave in, its how one digs in different soils etc underground… most of the ones we have had have been smallish… smallish can still hurt ya lolol, just saying, none of us have ever been hurt, i was once trapped in a small 5’ trench (wet sand) when i was young n dumber, i was helping a homeowner for a MEASLY $200 on a Saturday and HE, the homeowner was the ONLY guy/help i ahd, MISTAKE!!! All due respect to that homeowner BUTT, he was supposed to stay outside with me, i did ALL the digging, i was only one in trench… so once i got down to footing and started brushing the wall HE said he had to pizz and he went inside the house, i should have told him to wait…lol, anyways, about 1 minute after he went in, small cave in occurred, i could not move my legs, couldn’t get out of small 5’ trench lol, it pizzed me off, soooooo, i started cleaning/brushing the wall again until he decided to come back out, 10 minutes later, i guess he wanted to eat a fkg doughout too eh, i was not happy with him when he finally came back out so that taught young Bubba a lesson back then, Bubba will always have one or more of his-guys near trench when i’m in it. I would have reached for shovel to dig myself out but homeowner moved shovel well beyond my reach… all for a pitiful $200, was stupid.

I have also posted numerous videos right here, on Nachi forum about cave ins, DEATHS, videos of what happened etc, sure have man. So again sheeeeeeesh, when i posted video and article on Mike Homes in CA-land and his weak, sorry shttt where he/they placed most or just about all the excavated soil on and along an open trench, using eqipment too lol , YOU nor anyone else chimed in about their poor azz incompetence per SAFETY! When i’ve slapped up numerous videos/articles of others who pile all the excavated soil on-along open trench, YOU never said one word about that dumb shtt, hmmm? When i posted numerous articles OF cave ins, of workers getting hurt, trapped etc, YOU never said a word… only now, only me… well that’s some SERIOUS bulshttt in my opinion

When i’ve helped some homeowners who wanted to DIY, i have strenuously warned them about possible cave ins, what to look for, prepare for, not to leave ANY trench OPEN as longer than necessary. This is part of the problem with getting a cave in… WAITING on city inspector to show the hell up, i guess THEY don’t care eh sheesh, they are late, on site for about 1 minute hahahhaa, like ANYONE can thoroughly inspect a waterproofing, foundation repair job in 1 minute!!! NOT!!! Do YOU DT have any sound-words for city inspectors who ‘supposedly’ INSPECT waterproofing jobs in ONE minute? And another thing a in couple cities on city inspectors, we are often told the city will NOT do any inspections from 11 am – 1 pm, so they can have… lunch! hahaaaa smfh Well peeps, 11 am is the time most of our jobs are dug out etc and ready to be pffft ‘inspected’ so now we gotta wait until inspector chews down his peanut butter and jelly sandwich… and NO, i’m not gonna start jobs 2 hours later just to accomodate that crap, nope, too many good reasons n won’t get into 'em… i pay $$ YOU city, YOU say you are aware of the cave in risks etc city… so get your fat azz there for that pfffttt ONE minute inspection sooner if ya plzzz

How come you nor others don’t worry about the loust backfilling practices against foundation walls that cause many problems for homeowners, just wondering.
Corps of Eng’s… Amherst New York

'Lateral pressure problems are exasperated by using UNSUITABLE backfill, usually from on-site excavations. NONE of the foundation BLUEPRINTS prescribed the material to be used for backfill!! lololllll … ‘all backfill soils analyzed in this study are classified as EXPANSIVE, which is generally not recommended for backfill material’

What NO grief with this shtt?

It’s not JUST clay soil, builders often backfill with ALL kinds of SHTT such as bricks, blocks, wood, cables, cans, glass and so on… horrible shtt and NOT good because this crap also impedes water from A ta B, and ths shtt certainly doesn’t help us when digging cuz it helps cause CAVE INS!! hahha oh man, will most ever understand?

All that crap that the builder should have hauled away helps CAUSE cave ins, yes it does baby!!!

Then add other the following that could cause cave in,
underground sprinkler hoses
swale or french drain w/drain tile 3-5 feet away/off the damn F wall, even a new/newer fence, long fence with many fence posts neat a F wall could help cause a cave in

and MY bad , it was NOT you who erroneously claimed, a bunch of shtt, such as ‘most leaky basements do NOT need waterproofing’, ’ ‘what we do is damproofing’ and other nonsense’

lolollooll ‘Avoid the inaccuracies especially when Bubba talks to his clients’, yeah okay RIGHT!

Grading as a recommendation for leaky basements IS negligent and the stupid claim that grading SOLVES 80–90% of ALL leaky basements is FALSE

Per ‘over the top’ and other total bs, total nonsense, total FALSE claim…right here, apparently he was a home inspector for 20 years, okay cool, no problem with that, but 20 yrs as HI hardly equals 20+ yrs waterproofing and repairing foundation walls with a friggin long guarantee in writing, sheesh these false azz claims are such BS, all this crap does is further confuse some homeowners!!! YOUR fault, not mine.

Near end of article, he writes/claims… grading - the ANGLE of the soil hahahhahhahahahahah!!! …'will SOLVE 99% of the wet basement blues"

NONSENSE! total bs, incompetent and negligent. Grading does not waterproof foundation walls nor anything else where water is allowed to get in, hello! Change your thought process, too friggin arrogant - you already THINK you know, have all the answers and its VERY obvious he doesn’t, dig? NO!

and oh, Everdry sucks, lies, misinforms homeowners, omits materail facts… and so on, for self gain = truth -

i tried calling you Mr T, lol

wanted to hear first hand why, supposedly you care so much about me n my guys, pftt

just like i’ve called Jim M, D Macy and some other here, also tried calling Bobbie once, he didn’t answer so i left him a msg, i guess he got skeered because he replied back on this forum and cried about it and said he was going to call the RCMP on me n my phone msg, which was in NO way threatening to him or anyone else at all, pffft, yeah the Royal Canadian mounted pooooolice!!!

hahahahaahaaaa !!! talk about drrrama from bitchhhhhhhhss? Unnecessary BS, total BS man.

do YOUR job, your job has nothing to do with my job

I appreciate you making this correction.

Wow. I’ve never seen someone take the highroad AND take a dump all over it while doing it.

To add a similar tale: quoted 14k for magic pixie dust and a leach line enema. Fixed problem with $50 of materials and about 4 hours of very, very disgusting work.

here were some of the exterior gaps etc just below grade allowing a bunch of water in basement, first visible UP HIGH on wall n then it ran down the wall (gravity lol) onto the basement floor, BEHIND the paneling… Everdry told homeowners they needed a full interior drainage system $35,000 total

they still need to oust the 2 basement window vents and are getting new 1st floor window - water entering those as well - what did Bubba charge? $375

here’s the video after i did a 10 minute water test… :30 Bubba said what? uh huh sure enough, versus Everdry’s bullsht/lies

so ya see, raising and sloping the grade would have been a dumb thing to do, to recommend

3:35 Brewer skin action