Homeowners hired a landscaper who installed exterior drain tile 2' deep,,,,,,,

this crap happens all the time, they paid over $3,000 to someone who is NOT an expert on this subject (and-or honest), Mr landscaper and MANY others do not first, identify the actual problem (s), they just tell homeowners some BS to get the job and then, poof they’re gone with homeowners money

listen to Mrs homeowner in Williamston MI just east of Spart-land, 3 short videos same dang house

Ran water BELOW grade against chimney walls FIRST… NO water entered basement, and lolol THEN i ran the water above grade against the stOOpid bricks, mortar joints etc and THEN water came in on basement floor where it always has!!! hahahaha smfh

Now inside the basement showing the stoooooopid water on floor AFTER i soaked the above grade deteriorating mortar joints and other exteror openings IN and around chimney

anyone wanna call the homeowner and speal with her? She has NO problem with it, say so

Ya see, the landscaper simply does not have the EXXXXperience to deduce aka identify the dang problem, HE should have done a water test FIRST, before doing any work before taking any money but noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo, this crap happens all the time,the INT basement system JERKS don’t do this either, no they do not. It took 1 1/2 hours to drive there, duhhh another 1 1/2 hours back… 3 hours driving plus lolollll, 2 1/2 hours spent on site showing them their actual problems and solution, so if the landscaper got over $3,000… how much money is Uncle Marky worth? huh? yeah

Everyone know the basements only leak 2 feet down, Mark! :roll_eyes: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :thinking:

You’ve got some dense workers down there, buddy!

Keep doing your good work!

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lolollll, landscaper didn’t have the hands-on experience to determine how to go about identifying who-where-why basements leak and just like interior drainage system companies.

Interior system waterproofing companies, aka scammers, always want to install their int system, they do not tell homeowners they have exterior cracks say, corner of block walls and THAT is where the water is first entering and THAT is what needs to be fixed/waterproofed, NOPE! They always tell homeowners they need an int system and sump pump $$$$

NOT me, unlike what a couple home inspectors here previously said and erroneously think, (that i always tell every homeowner they need ext-waterproofing, NOOO!)

I determine the problem, the actual problem (s), THEN you get the correct solution such as.

some homeowners have deteriorated rod holes so i do NOT tell them they need EXT waterproofing, i tell them all they need to is to correctly plug/fix their leaky rod holes

some homeowners only get water in through, around,just under a basement window or around-under their front, back, side doors (crevices,gaps etc), they do not need ext-waterproofing i tell them that

some homeowners get water in due to a blockage or other problem in their lateral line and i tell them that, i tell them they need an honest plumber, NOT waterproofing

some homeowners get water out their chimney chute door in basement due to, because of tuckpointing needs above grade, or flashing, crown etc, NOT waterproofing

SEE the big damn differences??? sheesh, so many, so blind

Larry, YOU know… 2 examples that you know of…
the lady in Rochester that you know, did i tell her ANY bs story? Did i tell her she needs EXT waterproofing? sheesh lol

And Bill in Washington Twp, did i tell him any LIES like INT system companies always do? Did i tell Bill he needs EXT waterproofing here, there, everywhere? No!