Every now and then I see a GEM :-)

Today was one of those days.
My am inspection was a 4 y/o slab home in Summerville…

A proud electrician completed this panel wiring…:smiley:

21 Sept 07 135.jpg

21 Sept 07 135.jpg

21 Sept 07 138.jpg

21 Sept 07 136.jpg

21 Sept 07 137.jpg

Very nice ! You won’t see many like that !!

Loooks nice… but just try to trace one of those wires…


You know who the electrician is? I have some work I need done to my lake house and that guys work makes him my first choice.

I am serious, need him

Wow! would like to frame one of those pictures…Beautiful.

Good job,very nice !


I like it when I find a panel like that.

oops, it’s not absolutely perfect: the grounds and neutrals aren’t equal lengths at the terminals.

I had to find something.

how many throws is that?:smiley:

About 26, that’s fine.

Is there a main disconnect somewhere else?

Do I see white wires into some of those breakers??

Disconnect outside next to the meter…

21 Sept 07 072.jpg

Do you really always see a little black tape (prior to the lug on the circuit breaker) when a white conductor is used in your locale?

I doubt it… No one else I know does either.:wink:

If there is a disconnect ahead of this panel why was the bonding jumper installed?

The whites attached to the breakers should have been re-identified as such.

To bond the can to the equipment grounding conductors as is required.
The grounded (neutral) conductors are not bonded to either the can nor the equipment grounding conductors.

The only thing that I don’t like is the bundling of the conductors witht the use of tie wraps and of course the Disney World Mickey Mouse ears on the feeders.

My favorite part…:mrgreen:

Ugggg!!! :shock:

Was there any derating?


Oh, so neat.

Yet, Ohhh, so wrong.

Have to give an A on neatness, though. :mrgreen:

You’ll want to keep this guy’s name and number for future reference…

For what?