Everyone call FLIR now. I don't know how long this NACHI deal will last.

Their price is cheaper too :wink:

So much for my previous post yesterday…I’ll call PE…thanks.

Thanks Erol.

Anyone having trouble with a FLIR rep or getting the NACHI discount should contact the big boss:

Andrew Wick
FLIR Systems Ltd,
National Distribution Manager
Tel: 905-637-5696 ext. 42
Fax: 905-639-5488
Cell: 514-518-2999

The model is the newest one, not the old one. It’s in the NACHI advertisement.

Or upgrade to the all new BCAM SD Therma Imager includes these great features:

  • Razor-Sharp Thermal Images
  • 33% Improved Thermal Sensitivity
  • Microsoft Compatible, E-mail Friendly
  • 1000 Radiometric JPEG Image Storage
  • Removable SD/Memory Card
  • Free QuickReport Softward a $1200 Value
    Ultra-Portable & Rugged, with Exceptional Ergonomics
  • Long, 7-Hour Batter Life w/Car Charger
    *]Just $6,750 less the NACHI member discount

Dale - I should know this, but what is PE and do you ahve contact info?

PE = Professional Equipment. . .


Jeff, I buy fro PE for most of my equipment and have had nothing but great results from them.

As their name states… Professional.

I’m considering a thermal camera and am interested in any marketing help I can get. Does anyone know of the government using this type of inspection, say military bases??


Thanks Jeff…!

Great folks.

Professional Equipment (recently bought out by Grainger) has 2 booths at our upcoming convention http://www.nachi.org/convention2007exhibitorhall.htm and will have cameras there. Stop by. FLIR has a booth there too.

TOTALLY helpful! Thanks! That’s just the insight I was looking for. How do you think the Flir model advertised above would compare to getting a used one of higher quality (as you seem to have done)? Just trying to benefit from your wisdom…

Another thing to consider when looking at cameras is the range of color pallets available on the camera and the ability of the software to further refine the image once downloaded to your computer. The software that supports the BCAM’s is easy to use, allows for further refinement of images, and best of all its free with the purchase of a new camera–not something you will typically find when purchasing used.

Sure the FLIR BCAM SD may not have the best resolution out there; however, what impressed me the most was the additional features such as the color pallets, dewpoint and insulation alarms, laser spot meter and not to mention the advertised 7-hour battery life and 1,000 picture capacity. In my opinion the cost associated with a higher resolution camera is not worth it for the needs of a property maintenance inspection. Of course if one is doing more sophisticated inspections FLIR offers cameras for those applications at a higher price.

The people at FLIR have clearly studied the needs of property maintenance inspections and come up with a camera that fits those needs at an affordable price and have an excellent marketing effort underway. This is marketing at its best.

I’ve just purchased the Bcam SD model - PE’s price is exactly the same as Flir’s, only without the 2% NACHI discount.

I also had a hard time getting Flir responding to my requests, even when I said I want to buy now! It seems they have a strict information/sales quote pipeline that is bottlenecked in the sales dept. I threatened (tongue in cheek) to buy another brand and it still took 45 minutes to get someone to take my order.

Never had such a hard time getting somone to take my money!

I hope their product support is more responsive.


I was lucky to find a local sales represenative who covers three states was only a 20 minute drive away. He had a demo unit and allowed me to try it out. They have been very easy to work with.

Can someone enlightlen me as to why IR cameras are so expensive. Is it simply a mater of supply and demand ot is there patent technology holding the price. China should be able to make this cameras for about the same as video camera.

The prices will drop when there are more than four companies making them. :wink:

I wrote FLIR an email and this was included in some of the

“I would recommend the Building Science course over Level I.
It is a certification course and will deal with the building
industry much more than Level I.”

So… how much is the total package for:


Is there free training anywhere?

Hey Nick,
How about talking to FLIR about a group buy, instead of the 2% deal. Example:
50 purchase = $5800
100 purchases = $5400
150 purcuases = $5000

or something like that. 2% ain’t nothen. But thanks for trying.

That’s what I’ve been working on. It only makes sense for a large group. 2% like you said is nothing. 10%, 15%…then we’re starting to get somewhere.