Everything has condensation

If you are reading all the posts on the message board you have already figured out I inspected a new construction home today :p. The AC was on and the air handler was sweating condensation, the ducts in the crawlspace was causing huge puddles, even the condensate drain line had condensation on it. Obviously when warm humid air touches a cold surface condensation forms. This much can’t be normal or good though. It will go in my report but I just want to know what are some reasons for all this condensation.

There is a lot of moisture available in new construction.

It takes a while for materials to dry out.

Without more info it’s hard to say if you encountered a real problem.

Hmmm…Thanks Mike. I did not know that about new construction. What do you think would be a good narrative?

The AC components including the air handler and the ducting in the crawlspace had excessive condensation…IDK…

I am stuck between something to the effect, this may be normal for a new construction. If the problem persists I recommend having an HVAC technician determine the cause and correct the problem and…

Just recommending and HVAC technician to determine the cause…

Any suggestions?

Not sure.

You have very high humidity in your area I believe.

Up here in the Northland it becomes evident in the Winter with condensation on windows and such.

I think it’s time for someone from your area or at least someone south of the mason dixon line to chime in so you get good info.

Juan… at 8am this morning you are showing a RH of 85%, temp at 78f and dewpoint at 74. At that rate, and the home being new (green), I wouldn’t make a big deal about it in the report, other than mentioning the conditions at the time of the inspection, and perhaps a comment that a dehumidifier may be necessary from time to time.

I could see some condensation at the beginning but not puddles of water. I would suspect the ductwork is not insulated. Stick a borescope down the trunk and take a look.

Did the crawlspace have open vents?

Was the drain line covered in mulch?
Were there enough vents in the crawlspace?
Maybe its just frigging humid and hot as hell. I know my balls leave sweaty puddles in my skivies, so why would a sweating a/c be any different.

Welcome to the south. Now sweat and enjoy it. :stuck_out_tongue:

I would recommend they run the unit continuously (don’t program the unit to vary the temp night and day) and monitor the condition over the next few weeks, along with running a dehumidifier. You should make sure the house does not have air inflitrating from somewhere, combustion air make-up, crawl vents, double hung upper sashes dropped, etc.

I would not call in an HVAC guy just yet, the unit is obviously operating fine if it is cold enough to condensate everywhere. I think a dehumidifier would be a good first step, this is doubtful this issue can be easily diagnosed on this board or onsite during an inspection. It will probably take time to know the real condition.

Thanks Cameron. That is not something I am comfortable with putting in my reports. Not that I think its a bad idea or anything. I kept it simple.

ac may be cycling too fast

Agree with James. Some condensation on some components can be expected and normal. Puddles below the ducts can indicate lack of insulation.

Does crawlspace have proper vapor barrier?.

Everything in Houston has condensation because it’s so humid here year around. So it will really test your insulation work.

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Attached is a picture of I house I just got done with the report on. It was a piece of crap. This is a down draft furnace with a split air conditioner unit. All the ductwork is ran through the crawlspace, and has water running out of most of the supply ducts, when the air conditioner runs for awhile. Does any newer inspector know why the water is running out of the ductwork? Veterans, allow the newer inspectors ponder on this for awhile.

Dripping drain pan below coil or clogged condensation line?

Yes, you got it!

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