Example of acceptable deck nailing photos

These pictures are typical of acceptable deck nailing photos

Thanks Dennis!

I think you may have done this before.

too many times

OK, got a question for you about nail patterns and I know I saw someone post it somewhere else, but I’ll ask here anyways. Just saw this on a 1967 house I did this morning which brought it back to mind.
You have plank sheathing. Nails are spaced 6" apart on all trusses. BUT, the nails are only 6d nails.
Which one do you mark?

size of nail doesnt matter, if its planks with 2 nails per board, mark attachment-c

So staples or 6d nails spaced 6" apart on plywood would also be C? I know it’s rare for that to happen, but I just like throwing out scenarios!

no, staples or 6d over plywood, fall under attachment-A. attachment b is plywood with 8d nails 6/12. Attch-c is plywood, 8d 6/6, or planks/TIG with 2 nails per board. Hope that helps

Works for me cause that’s how I’ve been doing it. The plank was throwing me, but I see that now.
Thanks Dennis

Picture 2 is also an example of improper nailing of decking.
Here are some more: