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Every once in a while one just gets really, really excited about something that was seen at an inspection. Today was such a day. Remember that I live in San Diego where this little creature is like a dinosaur. Seems that the seller had moved here from "back East" and didn't understand our gas and propane furnaces, so he had this "imported" from "back East." All quotes are "his words." Unfortunately, I don't think anyone here in San Diego really knows how to work with these creatures, which explains the condition in picture two.



This kind of excitement demands a margarita grande!

Can you tell I'm excited?

I just had to share my excitement with my NACHI friends. Too bad Scotty can't beam a margarita to everyone.

Kirk out.

Home inspections. . . .
One home at a time.

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Gee I’m glad I moved from N. VA to warm sunny FL, I used to have to look at those things every day. Now it is just heat pumps and AC. icon_biggrin.gif