Exhausting day. 61 new applications to join InterNACHI came in today.

That sets a new all-time record.

Very impressive!!

Wow… things are booming

How many from Ohio?


I am a part time instructor at a home inspection school in Ohio.
I can promise you one thing, none of my students are going to join ASHI when they are done. I really show them the advantages of InterNACHI and how much more you offer than ASHI.
Keep up the great work Nick and Ben.

Awesome. Let me know if you want me to ship you a bunch of inspections books to give to your students. No charge.

Nick, that would be awesome. I sent you an email.

Let me guess–59 of them were in South Florida…

5 years ago, before licensing in Florida, we had 1,600 some members in FL. Today, we have 1,600 some members in FL.