InterNACHI tops another all-time record yesterday: 61 inspectors joined.

very nice

I sent one of them to you. :smiley:



Holy Crap - Congrats!

InterNACHI continues to lead the way!

Kaa-ching :slight_smile:

Hopefully the guys from the HomeGauge training tool advantage of the offer to join.

Watch this clip:

What percentage of them are in Florida?

2467 x 100 / 17751 = 13.89%


Record broken again. 99 joined yesterday. Actually 102 joined but our system only allows for 99 inspectors to join per day.

Hopefully, some of those were from WIN.

Yep. WIN guys used to be in NAHI so they really appreciate It’s like taking starving men to an all-you-can-eat buffet.

Any body have the answer to a navigation problem. Where do you find in your profile your License exam to print as just passed it today in Florida. Maybe I am just blurry today in this 80 degree weather. lol:cool:

Did you pass InterNACHI’s proctored exam?

66 inspectors joined yesterday.

Smart people they found the best place to get great information and meet other inspectors.