InterNACHI membership in Ohio tops 350.

Go Bucks…



That guy from Amherst sounds pretty good…just sayin…

InterNACHI has a lot going on in Ohio:

How many TOTAL inspectors are in Ohio (from all sources)?

It’s hard to say. 600 maybe?

Well, if you had replied 351, that would have been something to ‘crow’ about! :wink:

Lots of part-time inspectors in the world. Part-time inspectors don’t join inspection associations.

The way to compare apples to apples is to compare InterNACHI’s membership with all other inspection associations. When you do that, you find that InterNACHI is more popular than all other inspection associations… combined… and then some.

It’s an InterNACHI world.

You’re wrong on this point. A high percentage of newer InterNachi members are part-timers.

So, apples-to-apples… how many of the 350 are part-timers?

Everyone who enters any industry is part-time in the sense that the day they get their license, they don’t have a full week’s work lined up. No one is full-time from day one.

For that matter, there are a lot of veteran inspectors in our industry who are working part-time, but not by choice. They’re just unable to fill their calendar with scheduled inspections.

Being part-time or full-time depends heavily on your marketing and your intentions.

Part-time inspectors who intend to remain part-time, don’t join trade associations. They just don’t.

Or in other words, how you keep the real estate agents happy ;-).

  • Because if their not happy with you, you’ll go from full-time to part-time to no-time…in no-time flat (regardless of how “good” you are & if your clients love you or not.)

I don’t know if that’s good or bad, I’ll go with good though.

A good economy means more people working, but it also means more competition.

I only have 43 NACHI inspectors to compete with in my service area. :smiley:

There are inspectors, then there are really good inspectors.

Proud to be in Cleveland, OH.

The city is on an upswing.

Johny football - Go Browns (watch out Pittsburg)
Lebron is back - Go Cavs - maybe the title front runners
Site of the political convention - $$$$$ for city and economy.

This area is in need for more inspectors, the demand is there!!

Also proud to know many of the inspectors like Jim & Kevin.

I’ve had to travel to cleveland a few times this year myself up from Youngstown

Glad to hear Cleveland is on the upswing Dave. I’ve never been a basketball fan but that may change now.

The economy is booming down here, cranes everywhere.

GO BENGALS!! :smiley:

Woah woah woah Ohio fans, this is the “bounce back” year for the Steelers, so watch out!

Johnny Manziel Forced To Wear Cleveland Browns Jersey In Cruel Rookie Hazing Incident

Here’s an article in today’s paper about the hotel building going on along the I-75 corridor between Cincinnati & Dayton. The article does mention a few other large retail projects as well. Like I said, cranes everywhere around here.

I hope it continues for at least the next 10 years. :smiley:

Interstate 75 development feeds Cin-Day hotel building boom