Exit survey at the end of inspection

I’m looking for an app or tools to get a recommendation from the clients at the end of the inspection; something that I can then put on my website.Does anyone have a system our set of questions they ask the clients at the end of the inspection?

search “internachi exit survey”

We teach that in the Master Class for Home Inspectors at https://education.nachi.org/show.php?course_id=277&element_id=12306

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I just have my inspection software send out this automated email 3 days after the inspection (includes convenient links to the review sites so it is easy and quick for them to do so):


Thank you for the opportunity to be your inspector. If you have a minute and are satisfied with the job I have performed for you, I’d really appreciate an online review on Google, Yelp, Facebook, and/or Zillow.





Please keep me in mind should you or someone else be in need of any Home Inspection Services including Buyer/Seller Inspections, Radon Testing, Mold Inspection & Testing, Water Testing, or Rental Inspections!

Thank you and let me know if you have any questions.

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