Exposed Copper Pipping @ Foundation Slab

The copper piping can be seen from the exterior foundation. You can’t actually see the pipes, just the protective sleeves. We are located in South Louisiana, so we have mild freezes in the winter. How important is it to patch over the exposed piping? Are there any potential implications of leaving it as is?


CYA Cover your *** .
Report looks like some copper pipes are exposed Please have contractor Protect and insulate .

Likely nothing will get done but you have now CYA

Please go to top left Control Panel and put in your information

That doesn’t look like any copper that I have ever seen. Might just want to say “water lines” unless you’re absolutely, positively sure.

If the protective sleeves are exposed to UV rays (sunlight) they will deteriorate and allow the copper to contact the concrete. I would recommend patching to protect from the elements.

from Ohio that looks like pex…

Looks like pex from northern Michigan. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hope you’re staying’ cool, Jim. :cool: :smiley:

Does from Texas too.

If it is, I would be commenting about the absence of a sleeve.