Exposed Nail

Hey guys

In my reports I write up exposed nail heads cause they rust, shrink leak and so on. Does anyone have a graphic or an actual photo where there is a leak around a rusting nail?

This isn’t mine, but I will try to find mine. I had quite a few in a file somewhere.

exposed nail head.jpg

Thanks Troy

I found that one on google too but I want permission to use the one provided.

I’ll try and find mine. In the middle of reworking my narratives right now. I can’t believe I started this project. :shock:

The other day I re did my entire template to try to emulate an amazing sample report I found. After redoing the whole thing I realized it did not look right with the HIP software and took twice as long. UGH. I hate learning all of these things the hardway

Do you really /really need a exposed nail graphic ?

What report system was it done with?

I think it was Horizon…

Yes. It’s not for reports though.

Amen. I started and 8,000 narratives later…

Well, if you can’t find one, Juan, I’m willing to tell you about the time I shot a nail through my finger. Will that help? I don’t have a picture of that either, but it’ a pretty funny story.

Lol that won’t help Kenton but I am always open to a funny story

That story certainly did not originate in stone age Africa…they have not even discovered the hammer yet.:stuck_out_tongue:

Man! I just wrote out the whole story and lost it with the push of a button.

I’m sitting in the O. R. Tambo airport in Johannesburg south Africa right now. It’s about 9PM and my flight was delayed because 1 1/2 hours out of Atlanta they had to turn back because of a medical emergency. So my plane will arrive about 1:30 AM and those passengers will have spent the last 24 hours on that plane, since it’s a 20 hour flight and they’ll have to refuel in Atlanta. My flight will be 14 hours in business class, then a 3-hour layover in Atlanta, unless the planes full, then I wait for the next one for the 3-hour flight to Denver.

I was supposed to get out of here on Sunday (this is Thursday) but the airport had 200 million gallons of aviation fuel contaminated and I’m flying standby, so I’ve been trying to get home for about three days now.

Lot’sa muslims here, Women with nothing showing but a slit around their eyes, guys in robes. People of all types and colors. South Africa has 11 official languages. The shuttle drive who took me to the airport speaks 8 languages, including Zulu and Portuguese. Guy makes about $3 an hour.

The terminal is playing Springsteen “Born in the USA” right now… loud. I just took this shot of the cafe area of the airport. That’s my laptop in the foreground.

I stayed at the Aviator hotel next to the cargo runways last night. Cool place

Did you get laid since you’ve been there, or have you been spankin’ it??

You’re a crude little *****, aren’t you Linus.

Does your mother know you talk like that?

I’ll try it again in a little while.

If you tell yours I’ll tell my story about stapling my foot to the joist I was standing on!!:mrgreen:

The wall was lying down and I was nailing studs through a top plate with a Hitachi framing gun. I held the stud a little too close to the top plate, missed the top pate, and put a 12d nail through the fleshy part of the last joint of my index finger, half sticking out one side, half out the other.
Steve was running the job and he was the kind of guy who couldn’t stand the sight of blood, so I put my hand behind my back so he wouldn’t pass out, walked up and said, “Steve, I shot a nail through my finger”.
Hi eyes got real big, he got all white and he had to sit down for a short time out. I walked over to the hospital a couple of blocks away. It hurt, but didn’t hit bone or nail, so it was OK, just sore for a week or so.

That made me a member of the 12-penny suicide club, since I shot myself.

I was already a member of the 8-penny target club after getting shot in the temple from across the room when a nail shot from the other side of the wall missed the stud and went through 3/8" plywood shear panel. It just dangled for a few seconds and then dropped.

I’m also a member of the 12-penny Hunter’s club after shooting my partner in the chest after a nail went into a stud, hit a nail head, curved around and came out the side (I wasn’t pointing the gun at my partner). He wasn’t hurt. It just bounced off him but it scared us both.

This all happened between my 25th and 30th years as a carpenter. No serious injuries in all 32 years, but I did have to have a couple of big splinters cut out and stepped on a few nails over the years.
When you step on a 16d nail that’s sticking through a block and the nail is in your foot, hitting the block with your hammer doesn’t knock it loose quickly, it just makes it wobble.

It’s possible, when a laborer has just swept out a dark garage with a push broom, for an 8d nail to flip up and balance on its head. It’s possible for a person wearing work boots to walk through that garage and step on that nail just right so that it goes way into your foot.

I was rolling up a 100’ extension cord at the end of the day when it hung up on something. I went out back to see and the framer who’d been working on the house next door was limping around in circles swearing. He’d seen my cord moving and as a joke, thought he’d stomp on it.
He didn’t notice the board with the nail sticking up and he stomped on that too.

When you hit your thumb really hard with a framing hammer, it hurts like hell. It hurts so much that about 25% of the time, when you can finally go back to work after about 10 minutes of crying, swearing, and hopping/duck-walking in figure eights with your hand between your knees, when you finally go back to work, you’re thinking about how much your thumb hurts, you’re not thinking about what you’re doing, so first thing … WHACK! You hit that thumb again. Then you go through it all again only for longer and in a squeakier voice.

This stuff I view as black humor. I saw some bad injuries over the years but won’t talk about them. The kinds of things I’ve mentioned here didn’t impact families.

So Greg… did you use a cat’s paw to pull that staple?