New Form

Who’s using it? Are you filling both out to help your client just incase?

Also is anyone raising prices? I normally charge $100 on top of my standard inspection fee and make the fee (mitigation) returnable if they don’t close.

Please update you information with your location or area you cover so we can better answer you questions.

Why on earth? You did the work.

It’s a great sales tactic…I give money back a couple times a year or I’ll give them a free mit on the next inspection.

Yours is ready!

PM sent

John, Are you still selling the forms?? If so, what’s the deal?:roll:


For some this is the third form they have ordered.

are you able to have the customer sign your forms on a tablet?

I use a windows tablet… The are some programs to use other OSs. HIP is supposed to release a free app for droid,.

I have a Gateway that is a lap top or you can flip the screen around and use it as a tablet. It came with the pen so I am able to capture a signature on the computer. I have a system now that works ok for me. But was wondering if yours would be any easier. Always looking to see if there is anything better.

So I guess when this poor bastard gets reinspected or an inspection done on the new form he now gets what results in Toe nail or no discount. Any opinions on it? Am I interpreting the new crap correctly?

Sure seems like a raw deal to me. :roll:

Do any of you consider the nail on the very bottom going thru the metal to count? Heck if you do then it is now a wrap. We have discussed those nails before I am interested in how you all will call the situation in the photograph. Speak up do not be shy :slight_smile:

WOW, I really have a lot of respect for you guys and your trade, after following this past few weeks. I call single wrap.

How did you get those pictures so close? That looks dangerous. You could get hurt doing that. :wink:

It is and pretty stupid to do. It is a shame I risk my a s s for my clients when all inspection organizations would not recommend I access those areas.
Great contribution thanks.

Mike, I thought you had asked this question before, or somebody did. That bottom fastener is a rivet, not a nail.

Yep it came up before. It is a new case and according to the new form they will get no discount and it will be the same as toenail. I wonder how many agents, clients and underwriters will agree that it is not a nail?

Fact is regardless of the form the three nail rule has been taught from the very beginning in the MSFH manual. The only difference is that the new form spells it out clearly.

Boy are a lot of folks going to get screwed on these changes.

Heck there may be money in tearing out soffits adding additional nails and repairing the work. Sad but true. What other option does this poor bastard have to keep from getting ripped.

Missed it by “that much”.

Don’t know how you would retrofit that one. I would imagine that drilling a third hole would violate the warranty of the strap. Then again, I doubt teh underwrites would know the difference.

Hey Mike, here is a golden opportunity for you. You use your GC license to certify the nailing and then, take for instance our neighborhood, all of the soffits are wire lathe and stucco!
Big money!!!:wink: :wink: