New roof straps


Wonder why the PVC pipe is fire caulked.

Wow. That’s unique.
BTW Wayne, that guy that lowballed me on the 4pt/wind mit combo…
The homeowner called me this morning to ask me to come out to document corrections because she was so angry with the guy.
She also told me that he never went in the attic. I wonder whose pictures will fraudulently be on that report.

Like I tried to tell all the fools designing the new form.

Pictures prove nothing.

Most are easily faked by inspectors with no morals.

No one can tell what picture comes from what house.

They are dangerous to obtain.

Pictures of marks on trusses mean absolutely nothing etc…

But you all had to go against me and make them mandatory.


I’ll go ahead and say it. Only 2 nails and more than 1/2" gap. Toenail :mrgreen: At least the photos were easy to obtain.

It is probably an intake or exhaust for a high efficiency heater.

You get what you pay for in most cases. If that guy is doing fraud inspections at some point he is going to get caught and I hope that lowball deal was worth it. I know who he is now , I thought the name sounded familiar but I know for sure now. I also had a chance to apply the method you use for older homes and wind mit’s. I take pictures of everything!!!
When I am done there should be no doubt I did my very best to find and document and pictures are from that residence.

Have a good day

I would have to agree with you on several of these issues.
If you can’t find a nail, which by code, you shouldn’t be able to do, then you have to rely on a stud finder which was not designed to determine nail length, to determine the nailing pattern.

What if you had a roof that was put on in the 70s and re-roofed in 2003. You will have the original nails 12 inches apart and then, the new nails six inches apart. How will you tell the difference? There can be 40 nails in a 3 foot span, now what do you write down. If you couldn’t find any nails, it would have to be other.

The only thing that pictures will prove is that outright fraud was committed. The problem with proving fraud is that there must be intent and the inspector could just say, “I didn’t know what I was doing”.

As I have said many times before, get all the wind mit money you can…two years from now, the program won’t even exist.

We have performed thousands of these inspection and always find a nail. Always.

Bullshot:D Just saying that makes you part of the problem.

Always Mike. If you don’t it just means your not looking hard enough

Bullshot. You are incorrect and obviously have not done thousands if you have always found one.

As I have said before people like you who make ridiculous statements are a big part of the problem and the reason that it is required when they should not even be there in the first place. I assume you feel it is a safe practice to crawl all over hell looking as well.

I have done inspections that you could or would note even attempt to crawl and if you did there would be no chance in hell you would be able to look around for a shinner because you would be to busy trying not to kill yourself.

You act as if you are trying to better the process and you are screwing it up more and more with each comment that endangers inspectors and screws clients.

Nothing like joining a just made up organization and giving yourself a title to make it look legit.

Let me guess most of you work comes directly from the insurance agents?

Again we have complete thousands of inspections and always find a nail, with the exception of no attic access. People call our office and sometimes say that they can get the inspection done for $25 less with another inspector, maybe that’s the difference, the cheap guy doesn’t find the nail:mrgreen:

Maybe or maybe the other guys fake it :smiley:

Hi-jacked thread. Sorry Wayne.

Oh well, it’s entertaining and it all started with a funny picture.


I wouldn’t consider myself cheap and there have been a few homes where I just couldn’t find them. Besides, they shouldn’t be visible…right?:mrgreen:

Here is the next one:

Followed by:

Always means always, so, I guess Mike is right on this one!:mrgreen:

Just having a little fun as I have to go to a “freshly remodeled home” in Miami.
I can hardly wait!:roll:

I haven’t done thousands but in the hundreds, yes, I have always found a nail. Just 2 days ago, I was about to give up when, lo and behold, there it was…the house was built in 1927, complete stick built, no clips/straps but solid as a rock.

WOOOO HOOO. Finally :smiley: