exposed step flashing

Is there anything wrong with this flashing on the side of the roof here
being exposed . you can see that the siding being used as counter flashing does not go all the way down and cover the flashing. is this something you
home inspectors would right up and why?


I don’t see a kickout flashing. Water can, and usually does, run behind the siding without it which is not good for obvious reasons.

Step flashing being exposed can never be a good thing. Let alone as Larry said looks like no kickout diverter.

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I would also have to take issue with the lack of kick-out flashing, but using the siding as a counterflashing is very common and acceptable. If the siding material is timber (which it appears to be in this case) then there should be a seperation of 1-2 inches between it and the roof covering to stop moisture wicking into the siding.



I agree with Gerry…but the siding looks like they measured once and cut twice…the first piece toward the roof eave anyway.

Rafael, are you short or are the Rose bushes 8 feet tall?..:smiley:

Rose bushes 8 feet tall?..:grin:

I concur…

We always cut the siding off the roofline before we install new step flashing in the wall. The guide on the saw takes up 1 1/4 inches. This makes it easier to put the new flashing in. Looks better to use black flashing. Looks like there is no kickout and they didn’t cut the siding even from top to bottom.

IM000135.JPG (48.9 KB)


Nice install Steve. Wish more roofers would take more pride in their workmanship.