kick out flashing not required

Today I had a roofing company get really upset when I told them that kickout flashing should be put at roof wall junction. He said that it does more damage when snow accumulates freezes then thaws causing liquid water to rise up over the step flashing.
any comments?

Maybe the step flashing against the wall is too short.

See how this is, with house wrap installed, too? (The lower diverter protrusion, of the kick-out, is shorter than the flashing against the wall.):


How tall is step flashing supposed to be? What are the height requirements for kickout flashing?

He hasn’t seen a damaged wall and destroyed rim joist from the lack of the flashing. Just saw this last week. Sold me. I’ll always say its missing. Snow and ice build up in my neighborhood, (PNW), is a minor concern compared to rain damage from water not hitting gutters.

reliance on roof flashing height alone is doomed

step and kickout should have a wrb installed over all in shingle fashion
anything less is a guaranteed design for eventual moisture intrusion

6x6 is generally best practice

step and kickout alone can & often allow moisture intrusion
the adjacent side wall should have full height weather resistive barrier overlapping all flashing

Show him this, This home was less than 8 years old.

DSCN0033 (Small).JPG

DSCN0036 (Small).JPG

if a builder/roofer can’t understand & follow the written codes & mfr installation instructions
turn 'em onto the coloring book

if a builder/roofer can’t seem to understand & follow the written codes & mfr installation instructions
turn 'em onto the coloring book

they’ll have use their imagination for the absent gutters

Nice illustration.

I got a call on my way home last night from a custom builder that is on his 3rd rip off of a stone sided house that all stated from the lack of kickout flashing.

They did install the flashing after my first trip, but the repair work damaged even more flashing before they were done.

Guess I get to go back again and work on #4.

I have this happen at least half a dozen times a year. Good money for me at $600 a pop when they save $10.95 on one piece of flashing!

So don’t let anyone talk you out of your kick out flashing!

Who needs flashing?

I remember when you first posted those Peter.
Good reminder. :slight_smile:

Yes, that was a few years ago but very graphic. I got alot of work in that neighborhood. 50+ homes and every one had rot either from missing flashing or FJP that was not primed prior to installation.

I reached behind the vinyl siding at a chimney chase this morning below a missing kickout flashing and pulled out a handful of mulch.

Direct him to 09/12 IRC 903.2.1: Kick-out flashing required at intersection of sloped roof eave to wall.