Exposed wiring running through Garage firewall into Attic

Hello. I recently did a mock inspection for my father in law. I noticed this exposed wiring coming up from the service panel and going across the exposed joists in the garage before entering the attic through the firewall into the house. I have called this out and recommended conduit as well as properly fire sealing the penetration in the firewall. Would I be correct in doing this? (second guessing myself is all.) Thanks.

No conduit needed.

Conduit… No, unless required in your area (AHJ),
Penetration… Yes

Curious… Modular home?

Thanks, this is just a mock inspection. Still reading and learning constantly so nothing was “officially” written up or anything. This is a SFR built in 1977. I thought it was curious that they went through the firewall the way they did, almost like it was an after though. I was thinking conduit would be needed to create a proper seal through the firewall penetration. How would the firewall breach be sealed without conduit and appropriate sealant without re-routing the wires?

Fire Caulk.

Running all the conductors through a single conduit may result in the conductors being de-rated. Too complicated calculations for an HI to even contemplate, and shouldn’t even try, and wayyy out of the scope of an inspection.

I asked this question, partly due to you are new and should learn about the clues you may run into… Modular Home???

Thank you for your input. This one wasn’t a modular home but I will be sure to keep an eye out for this issue on modular’s as well.

Remember, it’s not necessarily an “issue” as much as a “feature” or clue that you ‘may’ be inspecting a Modular home. There are many more clues that could be easily overlooked and not even seen. This particular home was a surprise that I discovered it to be a modular. Sometimes you just never know what you will discover, thus the need to be cognizant of everything possible.