Wire penetration through metal siding

How/do you guys comment/report on this or any wires that pass through metal siding like this?

Thanx in advance.


Should have a have sleeve or be conduit / jmo

The opening will allow weather infiltration. cover that aspect.

Are the main conductors insulated than ???

SUSPECT: Exterior envelope. Wall penetration.
The metal siding has a electrical conduit penetrating the tin, vinyl, board and batten siding on the east, west, north, south wall exposure yada yada… The main conductors are insulated so we see no concern.
The metal opening is 1/4"-1/2" inch wider than the 2.5’ - 3" inch conduit allowing weather to infiltrate area.
Shear loading can allow lager amounts of RH and water to enter wall openings.
RECOMMEND: Caulk the area with 100 percent silicon.

My point is about the wiring being up against the sharp metal edge of the siding that has the potential for abrasion. Kind of like having wire against a knife blade, imo. And with temperature changes/expansion and contraction of siding/wiring…

Once it is caulked in place it ill not move.
If the opening is great than 3/8" is should have foam dowelling rod install.

Wiring is unprotected where it passes through the metal siding on the [LOCATION] side of the house. This is considered a safety hazard, recommend immediate repair by a qualified electrician.

And the wire nut appears to be under tension along with the wiring.


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Let the electrician decide that. :slight_smile:

Looks like it belongs in a Conduit to me.:wink: Post #2.
I guess the hole in the wall OK> Might as well let the water in.:wink:

Some may decide to bring it through the back of the box and save the $2.00 in conduit. :slight_smile:

Why does it need to be in conduit?

All good points made Cameron.

It is hypothetical at the moment.

Live conductor xx feet lateral of the wall opening.
What gauge?
Just a wire coming out of a wall for me.
Conductor? Live circuit?

To protect the conductor from energizing other metal.

Is the conductor insulation made for exterior use?

Today’s inspect.
Live conductor on the carport BUR deck .
The conduct is on the drip.
Drip is metal.

Ice and snow with movement will ware the insulator.
Conductor in-turn energising the drip.

Ladder placed on the drip to climb on the roof for maintenance.
Ladders electrofied you become part of the circuit.

Robert, the installation is of Type SE cable under the socket and is an approved method under the NEC. I do not think too many would consider that cable subject to physical damage to require a conduit. I would have made the clearence bigger, but if under duct seal you would not have seen it.

Thanks Jim.
The location of the conductors, on a BUR roof.
Snow, ice, and weather and predominant factors in installations.

Anchorage and anchorages location being deficient.
There was enough electrical defects to recommend an electrician.

HVAC, exterior installations, open knock-outs the contractor admitted to manipulating doing the lighting installations.

I also recommend my client to ask the contractor for all government approved licensing. I always gave mine with written guaranties.
Quebec. "RBQ required forms to insure he is bonded.
He offer a guaranty of all components.
Illegal offering by the contractor, in Quebec.

NEQ business referral number.
All provincial tax numbers seeing he was backing" all the components not the manufacture warranties that were void by his installations.

All along the buyers agent stop me at every turn asking me why components were not satisfactory.
5 times in 40 minutes.

Then he romanised how most home inspectors frustrate him with there analysis of a residence.
I asked him to explain the deck and why it was not an issue.
He did not know ONE COMPONENTS NAME.
He is in bed with the sale. JMO

Yep with my client having friends like that I would hate to see his enemies.

You do not know how the system works Mr. Young I was told.
I walked into the home on 2 occasions were he was bad mouthing me to the selling agent.

I was also made fun of and the sellers agent was a wonderful person and acted as she should. she did not say a word and let me do my job.
Funny buyers agent.

Again, the only guaranty in Quebec is RBQ verified.
Everything else written or verbal are just that. Words without government verification and useless in a court of law.

I covered my ***…

His obvious lack of “basic building skills” (the buyers agent and the contractor) told me its an investment flip.

sorry for the long post.

Your example photo looks mostly OK to me. The vertical conduit is ok. The braided cables, if they check out as ground, are OK uninsulated. The conduit entering the house is mostly OK (it is not wires, it is a conduit containing wires).

The lack of caulk is not OK. A flashing would have made all this look better, but also obscured the inevitable failure of the caulk.

That is not a conduit, it is a Type SE cable.

Yup, squeeze connector is a dead giveaway.

Looks like the ground.