Extech moisture meter


Anybody have any experience with this meter? I like the ball thingy on top, looks like some mad scientist tool.

That’s a sonic screwdriver.
Have a guy I know called The Doctor who uses one.
Uses it for all kinds of stuff.

I have never used this but make sure that it is good for materials that you may come across during an inspection. I am saying this because the datasheet on Extech website says,

"Measures relative moisture of various building materials including wood, particle board, carpeting, and ceiling tiles using non-invasive Pinless Technology.

It does not say anything about ceramic tiles, concrete etc.


Its just my opinion on this.

Interesting… Extech makes good stuff. Having never used one, it may just be worth it to call and ask about returns and such.

serious about buying any tools

contact IT with the $178.49 add below and see if they’ll beat it


from IT:
Find a lower price? Call (800) 895-4916 and we’ll beat it!

many vendors also offer assn discounts on top of publicly advertised deals…you just have to belong & ask ;~))

Do not see where it says good for concrete and vitreous tile.
Also how is sensitivity compared to their combination unit at about $300 ?
I have the MO… model (only $119) at Grainger.

download the owners manual. on page 5 is a chart comparing values for wood concrete and gypsum. The start up procedure and the measuring scales seem a bit odd to me compared with my pin type meter. Is it because it is Chinglish maybe?

Try amazon ,their prices are the best and if you dont like it after a test drive simply return it no questions asked no hassle,I love amazon…


Me, well I love my Tramex

This is the one I use Eric. It is a little pricy but works like a hot dam. You can zero it out when checking bathrooms with concrete or tile. Come with probes for more invasive testing. Has a infra red thermometer, RH, high moisture alarm that is changeable…
I absolutely love this thing and would by another one in a heart beat if mine broke.
The one I have also links to my IR camera (FLIR) for thermal scans.