Extension cord use

Am I correct in stating that extension cords are not allowed to supply permanently mounted fixtures? Even if they are not buried or penetrating through the wall? I am sure the connection at the ceiling junction box is improper.

I don’t think I have ever heard of a fan that is listed for use with a swag kit, nor is the mounting method likely compliant.

The use of the swag kit into the extension cord is improper.

www.nachi.org/comsop.htm 6.5.8.S

This is what the 2008 NEC has to say. Most improper usage falls under condition (1).

This was not a commercial property. Would there be a difference though on whether it was allowed or not?

Thanks all. I’ve got the answer I was looking for.

From yesterday

[ATTACH]1275 Saginaw 030.jpg[/ATTACH]

I see this all the time. They also ran a cord from this receptacle through the outside wall of the garage to power a fountain

1275 Saginaw 030.jpg

1275 Saginaw 029.jpg

From yesterday. I see this all the time

1275 Saginaw 029.jpg

1275 Saginaw 030.jpg

I would agree with this.

But I see Ceiling Fans with a Swag Kit here in AZ all the time, often to a Switched Outlet. :smiley:

(Can’t really use Nicks made up guide as reference for anything either.)


Is it a Permanent Fixture if it is not hard wired? :smiley:

A classic “Catch 22” :slight_smile: