Extension cords in a 'permanent' application

New Construction using an extension cord to plug in both garage door openers - how would you call it out?..:roll:

13 Nov 07 078.jpg

Here’s a little better picture…:smiley:

13 Nov 07 079.jpg

Temporary cords used as permanent wiring.

Mike -

From the photo what I’m seeing is a case where the outlet has been placed next to the opener, but the opener’s cord doesn’t reach because the ceiling is too farther from the opener then the cord is long. Is that correct?

I routinely call out extension cords for ceiling fans and garage door openers where the extension cord runs all the way to a wall, then down the wall and into an outlet, as that is improper wiring and unsafe. But in this case, I don’t see a problem, as from what I can see there is no way to supply power to the garage door opener which is better then what they chose, and it’s not an unsafe or improper use of an extension cord since the cord isn’t hanging in a way in which it is likely to be caught or damaged. I am making the assumption that the garage door opener is fairly high, out of reach to normal individuals of course.

Hope that helps!

– bz

Extension cords are specifically listed for temporary use only. The tag, next to the plug, says it all - not allowed.

Ok, so what would be the solution without an extension cord in this case?

Agree with Jeff, but kinda agree with Brain too… I’m torn.

The height of the ceiling (slab plan built on a crawlspace with ‘racquetball court’ garage ceilings) allows only one way to wire it from the opener - Cut and install a new ‘pig tail’ for the opener…

And they have tried very hard to use a heavy duty (same gauge as the cord or better) extension cord as well as having tried to protect it from any physical damage…

Any other thoughts??

Thanks for the ones listed…:smiley:

Could probably drop a receptacle to it from above properly.

Can you elaborate on this?

A longer cord-and-plug assembly would be a reasonable solution.

And so would a properly installed and supported pendant.:slight_smile:

Both this and Larry’s solutions do make a slight improvement over the existing installation. I’m still not totally convinced I’d make a big deal out of it though. From what I see here regularly, this is far better then most. I’d probably tell the client it’s not an issue, then write it up.:mrgreen::mrgreen:

Yep. A cord-pendant would work as well. . .

I’ll offer both solutions as potentail ‘fixes’ to the ‘problem’… :wink:

Thanks guys…


Here is a Mike Holt video LINK

“A heavy duty extension cord is being used to connect the garage door plug to the receptacle. Extension cords are not intended to be used in a permanent wiring setting (better options include a dropped pendant type receptacle or a longer plug and cord assembly for the opener) Recommend repair by a licensed electrical contractor.”

New boiler plate comment for my HG ‘by the book with rooms ver 3.1’ …:mrgreen:

Thanks again guys…:smiley:

Changing the line cord is an elegant solution but some will point out you may be compromising the listing. Personally I would not have a problem with it as long as the new cord was the right type and wire size. It would certainly be a plus if it was a listed configuration of that model, preferably using a cord kit from the manufacturer.

The contractor side of me would not change factory installed cord. If some thing went wrong with opener the next day or 364 days later the contractor will be blamed for what ever goes wrong. I would recommend a pendent outlet.

It is clear to me he is not picking up a Florida windcode door or he would be ripping that strut out of the ceiling The bracing I needed on my opener would easily carry a box and the wiring method down to it.
BTW another choice would be to hard wire this opener and run SealTite Greenfield, AC or MC cable down from the ceiling. (or whatever wiring method your AHJ likes).