Extension cords

Does anyone have verbiage on why not extension cords should not be used for permanent wiring?


OSHA has specific language forbidding it, as well as a definition for “temporary” versus “permanent” use.

I can show you why the NEC prohibits it which is a minimum safety standard.

**400.8 Uses Not Permitted. **Unless specifically permitted
in 400.7, flexible cords and cables shall not be used for the
(1) As a substitute for the fixed wiring of a structure
(2) Where run through holes in walls, structural ceilings,
suspended ceilings, dropped ceilings, or floors
(3) Where run through doorways, windows, or similar
(4) Where attached to building surfaces

I posted this in another thread. I carry this in my inspection bag, and show it to people. Rather than saying “It is not intended to replace permanent wiring, It could short out” I show them this. If you want a better picture, I can send you one.

visuals usually work best…very nice Michael

At least one or more temporary extension cord(s) was being used for permanent wiring (such as at XXXXXXXX). This is a common but unsafe wiring practice. Also the exposed electrical wiring have the potential to be damaged or become a safety concern as installed. We recommend having a competent and licensed electrician evaluate and then service, modify or repair this condition as necessary to properly and safely correct this.