Extensive damage in Crawlspace

Hi Kevin,

It has been a while since I posted on NACHI, and I’m having trouble logging in. But I have a serious question I would very most like to pose to the experts there:

If YOU found extensive moisture damage and fungi growth on a crawl space beam and substructure beneath bathrooms, with moisture readings above 19%, what precautions would YOU take before personally inhabiting the home?

Feel free to answer this questions – and let me know how to get it posted! I’ve requested a new password …


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WE need to find out how the moisture is getting into the crawl space .
Then this must be fixed .When this is under control we need to lower the dampness .
An automatic dehumidifier with a hose to a drain is great.
Then we need to see just how serious is the damage is or not.
Then we can decide what remedy is required.
I personally like unvented crawl spaces .


So Kevin what advice did you give to Trish?

I think he is waiting for others to post with out his influence .

I see not enough to go on here.
You are not telling us if it is ventilated,has a moisture barrier,gravel,concrete,what is inside such as sump pits or heat vents.
Kevin where is the pictures that even clients get for us to analyse anything ?

All we can do is post doc after doc teaching you basics here .

Bob I wonder have we all been conned .

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Neat picture .

Glad this is not my back yard our 6 month beagle she has discovered doves and squirrels soon she will be out in the bush with me .

I’m sure it is a vented crawl space. Condo is about 30 years old. Back of condo sits far above the ground, but the front is with grade, and actually the grade tilts back toward the house with is potential moisture problem.

I do have pictures…just not having much luck attaching them here, because it’s not something that is posted online. If anyone wants to send me their email, I’ll send the pictures!

Sorry – I’m not more savvy on this site!!! But I do appreciate your comments.

If it vented and has a moisture barrier on the ground you should be fine unless there are other issues leading to water intrusion.

I check grade,downspouts,foundation for cracks,run water to look for drain leaks,sniff for stink,etc.

Today they usually recommend conditioning the space though I see 100 plus year old property that has hell hole crawls and still standing all the time.
guessing you may have ducts in there which also need to be checked,insulation,possible condensate drips,etc.
Lots goes into play and sometimes still not sure off the bat.

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